Saturday’s Sights

Most Saturdays I go to the Office and see what is going on for the weekend. Today, several of the gang went to Pomona for the Winternationals but I choose not to go this year and stay home to work on Andre. I have found that spending Saturday in the garage really pays off.  I picked up some u-channel reinforcement plates for the frame and should be able to fit them today.

One of these Saturdays I want to head down to the Donut Derelicts show in Huntington Beach to see the huge group of hot rods that are on display. It takes me about an hour and half to drive there so I don’t go very often.  I will wait until the next nice weekend and take the wife with me. She loves Orange County where we used to live.  Like most cities in America, Saturday mornings are for cruising to the local Donut shop and do some serious bench racing. I have been doing it for many years and really enjoy the morning.

I better go to work now.

Stay Tooned!


GNRS 2012

The 40 RPU is in SRM this month but unfinished.  Here is the finished product and it is amazing what a metal wizard can do to a 40 pickup. This was one of my favorites this year.

A brilliant green 36 coupe was hiding in a building I missed but Dave sent me a photo and I really liked it also.  I would need steel wheels but that is me.

Pinkee had this Don Smith sedan in his booth this year and I stopped to look at the workmanship Eric and his crew do. They are metal masters.

One of our Toppers group won an award with his 32 pickup in the Suede Palace.  He had several buyers but this is a keeper for now.

If you follow events on the West Coast then you know about the Deuce sedan that rolled over on his way to the Canadian show a couple of years ago. It has been fully repaired and was looking good in the Driven Deuces display.  The owner has owned this car for over 56 years.  Way to go and we are glad you are o.k.

My long time friend Bob from St. Louis brought out his real Deuce roadster to display in the Driven Deuce show.  I hauled the Halibrand Champ home from the SEMA show years ago and delivered it to Dan Fink where is was being built.

I loved this roadster in the Suede Palace this year.  Very simple and well executed.

A super nice original 3 window was also just and isle over and reminded me of my days in Detroit when I have several three windows in my garage in the 60’s.

I love the fabrication skills of Walden’s Speed Shop.  They are building this RPU for a customer and the workmanship is perfection in motion.

A peek inside the bed show a new chassis which I think Jake “Jitney ” builds for Walden.  Note the clean workmanship on the chassis, brackets and welds.  Walden only does it right or he doesn’t do it at all.

Here is another chassis for the early lakes look. Note the thinned rails in the rear section and the pickup for the removal of the gas tank. Nice.

Todays Favorite!

Reed’s 37 is about as nice as they come and is very traditional looking. The RJ did a full feature on the car last quarter. Very subtle and understated but stunning in real life.

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