Roaring Roasters

We were all talking at lunch today about the upcoming LARS next Friday and Saturday. Dave and I will be driving our roadsters to the show and the others will be in the Preferred Parking area. As you know, I have been solving some problems on Poppy for the past 6 months and hopefully have them all solved. I only have about 50 miles on the rebuild so I plant to make some more trips to ensure a trouble-free journey to Pomona.

I will be featuring roadsters for the next week plus a recap of the show on Monday the 18th. I am praying for a good turnout. We need to support these events or they will go away. I will be out for the weekend and hope to see you enjoying the show. Poppy will be parked near building 4 stop and say hello.



Jack Morgan had a winner on the Salt. The flathead had Navarro manifold and Meyer’s heads.


Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

Mechanically ready for the trip now for some serious engine cleaning and wheel polishing.

High quality roadsters only in the roadster show.

Tom is not coming this year but he hasn’t missed one in years. He has owned this one since he was 16.

Don’t worry there will be plenty of patina roadsters in the Preferred Parking area.

You will even see these primered Phaetons in the Swap Meet area.

Brizio built this beauty for Bob Everts and it is a sure winner. This is a real popular style today.

The 36 has come into the spotlight in the past couple of years.

Bruce may drive this beauty to the show. He changed it for the AMBR show this year.

The color and Wanless windshield make this roadster a standout.

Rich and Val will have their beauty DD on display.

I spent considerable time looking at this beauty built by Lowery’s in NH…belongs in my garage.

Some famous old roadsters (Ray Brown) are usually on display in building 4.

Bob-O’s old roadster now owned by Warren looks fantastic in yellow with polished Halibrands.

Hopefully no rain for the event but roadsters don’t become deterred by a little wetness.

Sometimes you can just drool over the 33 roadster.

I hope Marc will drive his father’s Moal built roadster.

Black roadsters are real popular as are the Wanless windshields and wire wheels.

Famous old roadster is now owned by Wood master

Not sure what the Brizio display will include but he always has something special like this 35 Phaeton.

The Deuce Guy Dale is driving again this year in his RPU. “I don’t need no stinking top!”

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