Lucy, my old roadster finished by Stokers and later by Ray Dunham still looks good to me. A R&C feature car made people realize a Model 40 can make a great looking hiboy with some room for comfort. I am building another one with a little different style.


I love the profile with the Duvall windshield and bias tires with steelies.


Ray took it up a few levels and made it his car.


A completely redone interior provides plenty of room for a 6″+ driver with a Glide adjustable seat.


This R&C photo really show the look a roadster show exhibit to followers. Ready to rumble!!!



Barry was a colorful individual with a great eye for building Hot Rods that most people liked. This was his trend setter in the late 70’s.


He built consistent “Great Eight” finalist at the Detroit Autorama.



One of his personal rides using fiberglass bodies he helped design.


A clone of his first one carries all of his trademarks, stance, louvers, tube axles with 4-bars and solid hood sides.

Roy Brizio


One of Roy’s latest for Michael turned out fantastic.


The “Master of Deuces” Roy Brizio has built more Deuce than anyone I know. The all go down the road.

Alan Johnson


Alan is a fan of the “Laid Back Windshield” also and has built several including his own.


Alan’s personal roadster for his wife set the bar real high for quality craftsmanship.

Reed’s Rides Design


Ryan has put his name of the map for roadsters when he rebuilt this beauty.

Bobby Alloway


Bobby builds my style of model 40 roadster like this flamed beauty from many years ago.

SO-CAL Speed Shop


SO-CAL builds a true traditional style Deuce hiboy using all of their proven components.

Cory Taulbert


Built for Hollenbeck, the master painter,  as his personal ride.

Adams Rod Shop


Chad has built several with the laid back windshield and all were winners.

Owner Built


I like the style of this home built Deuce. Note center divider in the windshield which is also laid back.


Warren rebuilt this history 29 and took it over the top with detailing.

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  1. Hi, I am trying to find (contact) Tim Bedford, he specializes in 40 Fords. I am interested in a 40 that he built and is now for sale, 40 coupe, folkstone grey with brown wheels, ww’s tan leather int. ZZ4. I just want to ask him about the car as it is through a dealer and I wanted to get the details of the build. Any help is appreciated!

    Larry Moskowitz
    Mohegan Lake NY

  2. Lynn
    This is Gary Wasserman, 40 Ford Deluxe Opera Coup, Burgundy with Scottish Tartan Inserts. The car was built by Tim Bedford and Bob Clouse for me, and Tim sent you some pictures that you ran on the car.

    My brother has been very close friends with Warren for decades…. and just bought Warrens 29 Fly Yellow Roadster.
    The car now lives right next to you in Somis…. hope you run into my brother Jeff… You have also shown my brothers 57 FI Black Widow… but he has a couple of great 34 hot rods as well.

    The new site is great and hope you are doing well….. Gary Wasserman

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