Roadsters — The Attraction

California has two great months for roadster shows. In January we have the Grand National Roadster Show and in June we have the LA Roadster Show. Both shows have lots of roadsters to view and admire. I have been intrigued by convertibles and roadsters since I was 16 and never lost the love of top-down cars.

The Deuce has always been first on my list, but the 33 has grown on me over the years to be my personal favorite to drive. This is due to the more comfortable cockpit and 112″ wheelbase. I also prefer roadsters without fenders. I was raised that a roadster is about motor and performance. Racing was the issue in my early days and a fast roadster was one not to be messed with on the street or strip.

I am without a roadster this year but have friends that I can ride in while I work on the Woodie. I think every old guy who grew up in the ’50s loves a roadster and would like on in his garage. How about you!

Stay Tooned!


This MN Phaeton while, not a roadster, provides plenty of room for passengers.
I prefer Phaetons with no fenders for the Hot Rod look.
Projects are being built all across the country for some summer fun.
If you need fenders this is the way to have them sit.

One of my favorites is Ohio Cars Bob Oney’s Deuce.
Tim built his roadster to drive and drive he does.
Yes, I do love the model 40 hiboy roadster.
The Deuce comes in many colors today. Dare to be different.
I like the simple SO-CAL chassis and its proven dependability.
Roy can build you another proven chassis that goes down the rode.
Frank is an LA Roadster member and drives his Deuce everwhere.
Dennis owns this rust free example and wants to sell it.
I watched this tub drive in the PRC.

Dave lets his top down on his 33 Phaeton (34 front end).
Rodger has this slick 34 roadster back in St. Louis.
Here is your basic Brookville roadster ready for some fun on the back roads,
If you like Knecth panels and Duvall windshields the go for it.
Stock height Phaetons need a haircut to please me.
At the end of the day, this is all that matters. You drive a roadster to the beach.

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