Roadsters are Stress Relievers

We have been blessed with some cooler weather this week. It is definitely roadster time with the top down. For me, the wind in your face and sun on your arms and legs makes you feel free. Free from stress, anxiety and all other problems we face on a day-to-day basis. As you know, I try very hard to always stay positive and when I need to be free, I jump in the roadster and go for a ride. Normally, I hit the freeways as you can drive fast and see some beautiful scenery where I live. If troubles really are present, I drive to Malibu and overlook the Pacific from high atop the Santa Monica Mountains. The views are breathtaking and the winding roads make driving a roadster a thrill a minute. The stretch of 40 miles from Los Angeles to Point Mugu is known for all types of driving events for cars, trucks, motorcycles and even bicycles. I would caution you that the roads are patrolled by the Malibu Police and racing fans will be ticketed for their abuse of the speed limit.

In referring to roadsters, I am talking any car with the top down works to achieve the feeling of freedom. I have had convertibles of all vintage and well as roadsters and achieved the same sensation while driving with the wind and sun at high noon. Jane and I take Poppy to Malibu quite often for ice cream and some relaxation on a week day which is not so crowded. Weekends are really crowded in this city with  a population of 17 million in greater Los Angels. I’m sure you have your favorite place to cruise topless and don’t mind the mess it makes of your doo or tan of your skin. Life deserves a top down drive whenever you need the feeling. You won’t regret the drive even if it rains, which it never does in Southern California.

“Hang Ten Dude!”


Stay Tooned!


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There is something about the high altitude that makes you breathe a little harder than normal

I just feel good looking at these photos.

The serenity involved with this shot is just very calming to me.

A Moal creation captured under a most famous bridge.

Mark builds the best roadsters that are soothing to the eye and relaxing to the body.

The mood is forever lasting when you make this visit in your roadster.

Probably the best photo I have on my love of the ocean.

Another end to a beautiful day in your roadster.

When I first took possession of Poppy we went to Malibu for a view and ice cream.

She like to sit and look at the water also.

Gregg captured this nice photo of his roadster on the beach with a friend.

You can even ride over with the coupes if you want to.

If you don’t have a roadster then drive your Hot Rod to the water.

My daughter lives on the ocean and we love to walk in the morning and see the waves.

Not sure where this shot was taken but the Pier looks familiar.

Roy loaned Gregg his roadster for a ride to sooth the nerves on his way to Canada.

We go as a group sometimes and all enjoy the ride. Roadsters are more fun but we seem to follow the fun crowd in our closed cars.


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