Roadsters Rule

The annual Roadster Roundup was held last weekend and ninety roadsters owners enjoyed the meet despite some high temperatures along the coast. This annual event is made up of four roadster clubs who get together to share some good times together at some very scenic places in California. The RR is a very well organized event with activities to keep them busy, yet provide time to catch up with what’s going one as well as some wonderful camaraderie. Many of these club members have been driving their roadster for many years and despite aging, they continue to do so. Cramped quarters, limited luggage space and sometimes a harsh ride doesn’t dilute the thrill of driving a roadster with like enthusiasts. Some famous places like the Hearst Castle was on the tour list and proved to be a worthwhile stop as well as some wineries. The planners did and outstanding job of making sure everyone had a good time and kept busy. Congratulations to the Roadster Clubs for continuing this famous event!!

Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a Coupe or sedan Roundup? Roadsters have always been the model that attracted enthusiasts to start an exclusive club for a certain group of people who just plain love roadsters. Period! The experience of driving a roadster in general is not as comfy as a closed car, yet gives you the feeling of freedom with the wind blowing in your face and the sun shining down on your skin. The thumbs up you receive from passer-by’s always will bring a smile to your face. Seeing rows of them on the road always starts the adrenaline in my body flowing rapidly. Enjoying life in a Roadster is certainly a bucket list item if you haven’t spent some time behind the wheel of one of these heavenly creatures.

“Roadsters Rule”

Stay Tooned!



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The 52nd Roadster Roundup was held this past weekend in Cambria, CA.

Each participant received a beautiful plaque for their garage.

The beautiful roadsters dominated the coast as they have done for 52 years.

Imagine pulling into the lodge and finding all these roadsters. Pure Heaven!

Not a roadster but without windows it qualifies as one.

The original Back Road Boy’s at lunch in their roadsters.

Pete brought back the roadster craze with his full line of traditional parts for roadsters.

Roadster lovers are all over the world like this one from Europe.

Gene (L) and Rodger ® have enjoyed roadsters for more years than most. Gene has owned his for over 49 years.

This 34 has been sitting since the 60’s and is now being brought back to life.

Lake Tahoe provides a nice backdrop for photo of this little hiboy 34.


My favorite photos of roadster are where they are being driven and stop by the water for photo opportunity.

Cory and Ashley stopped for a quick photo on their way down from the Bay Area.

A 29 ranks right up there in the looks department in my opinion.

Pete offered this “Kit” and it turned out perfect.

The Speed 33 is gaining in popularity with many older builders who opt for windows. I call them Cabriolets not roadsters.

The most regal of the open cars are the Phaetons like this Deuce shown above. See the For Sale Section.

I prefer the model 40 like Dennis’s. I just need a few more bucks.

This is how roadsters get started. Junkyard parts, ingenuity, skills and desire to own a roadster.

The end result — A boy and his first Roadster is what this hobby is all about. No Rule Book to follow, just follow your dreams and make it yours.

Even big boys accomplish their dreams, right Richard! Yes, it’s finished.

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