Roadsters and Phaetons — What’s your choice?

Over the years my love for roadsters has been swayed a lot by my physical size and family additions. I talked to Dee Wescott many years ago and he told about his Phaeton with the 3″ set back seat. I was sold and ordered one to see if he was right. He was! I fit just find and the kids could ride in the back with side curtains on long trips. I moved to LA in 1984 and fell in love with Boyd built Bob Kolmos’s Tudor tub. I thought that had the best of both worlds — no top and extra seating and room. Boyd told me he built it from a sedan and roadster cowl. Chuck Lombard of CSR found both bodies for me and I was on my way. Boyd built me a chassis and Dan Fink helped with the metal work. Unfortunately, I switched to a roadster due to the escalating cost of the Tudor phantom I had dreamed of. Several Tudor tubs have been built but Bob’s still has the best overall proportions in my view. Brookville’s’/Foose design while innovative doesn’t appeal to me. I have included some photos of ones I do like.

Now that we don’t have any children, we really don’t need a Phaeton but I do love them and their looks. I will probably never own one but dreaming is part of life and as CS Lewis stated — “You’re never too old to dream another dream.”

“What’s your dream?”

Stay Tooned!



click on photo for a larger image

Richard’s Tudor looks great and if Henry had produced the Phaeton.

Thom sent me this photo of one I think Fat Jack built from a Tudor sedan and roadster cowl. Jack’s signature yellow wheels, Ford motor and low to the ground Phaeton.

One of my readers is building a Tudor tub with a Duvall windshield and has mocked up his top.

Today I prefer the 4-door version in the hiboy. Wescott makes a nice one.

Here is a great example of the Wescott hiboy Phaeton.

Of course if you are lucky enough to find a 33 Tub, then I would have to have fenders.

While roadsters are everyone’s favorite they are confining on long trips.

Chad Adams builds some real winning roadsters and has an excellent eye for colors and design. I like the wires!!

I have always liked this Wescott by Gearhead Bill in WA. The top is perfect.

Keith Tardell built this beauty with a Ford engine and a Henry roadster.

If you prefer the early style roadster, then copy this famous build.

Save your money on paint and build a high school Deuce roadster.

Since I prefer the 33, I would build a patina high school Hot Rod Roadster.

If you must have fenders I like this one a whole bunch.

My favorite is this creation with the truck grille.

The 33 hood and grille just are my choice for the model 40.

An iconic Deuce hiboy will always be in style.

Today, a lot of people are going to back to their roots in building roadsters.

This 80’s style beige roadster is always a hit at the shows.

O.K. so this is my final choice for my last ride. ( I change weekly)

Whatever model you choose, please stop and smell the roses while visiting California.

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