Roadsters Headed to Pomona

It’s that time of year again when roadsters from all over the country and people from all over the world are headed to Pomona for the Los Angeles Roadster Show and Swap. Taunted as one of the largest gathering of roadsters in the world and certainly one of the best Swap Meets on the West Coast — you won’t want to miss it this year. The show had some problems last year with the changes made and hopefully this year will attract more roadsters and swappers. Remember, Good times, Good Friends and down right enjoyable is something are all of us need on Father’s Day weekend.

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

Rodger ventured out to the show from the St. Louis area in his classic roadster

Lobeck’s old roadster was on display also. He is a legend in our hobby.

His original trend setting roadster is now owned by Bruce and has been changed in appearance drastically.

Another classic roadster started by Tom Center and owned for a long time by Dennis Kyle.

The Peckerheads will out in force again this year. I love this 34 hiboy.

Bruce may have his 55 roadster on display.

This classic look is still very popular with many of us.

Modern day version with Bop Top and high quality Brizio built roadsters are everywhere at the show.

I like fenders also combined with a chopped top.

JHRS build some of the best Deuces out there like Angie’s famous black one.

I’m partial to model 40’s like this one.

I hope this 33 shows up for me to view.

Owner has now decided to build a sedan — see the white stuff — Phaetons belong in LA.

From above to this only takes time and lots of $$$!

Chad Adams builds some killer Deuces in GA. His signature is the Wanlesss windshield and great color choices.

Joe Nitti’s famed roadster may roll into the Fairplex on Friday.

I love the patina roadsters like this 34.

I love phaetons and this beauty is done right

I do like the Deuce chopped like this one.

Many will stop at Bonneville for some photos and a little salt to take home.

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