Roadsters are Roaring in Pomona

Several of the cross country travelers are in town and ready for the 51st LARS to begin. Pomona streets will be surrounded with bright shiny roadsters and many of them will be red. Yes, red has always been a popular color for a roadster. In the 70-80’s it was Magoo Red, Dana Red and Boyd Red along with a plethora of personalized red colors mixed by the roadster painters. If you didn’t have your own red on your car you weren’t in the “In Crowd”. I never jumped on that band wagon and have always been a lover of Black or Maroon on roadsters. Currently, all colors on the palette are being used to have something a little different — I like that.

Another trend that has become popular is the laid back windshield made popular by Alan Johnson of JHRS in AL and Chad Adams Hot Rod shop in GA. The lines of the raked top give the roadster some style as well as some improved aerodynamics much like the Duvall did in the early days . Tops to match these windshields are also available from several sources such as Sid Chaver’s Bop Top, Rod Tops, Rodwell as well as using the stock chopped irons and bows. As the sun plays havoc with our skin, a top is a much needed accessory for our roadsters. One that folds away in a bag, like the Bop Top, is the way to go for the “Topless” driver.

By far the most popular roadster is the Deuce, but many other styles will be present such as the 29 on Deuce rails and the model 40. Some 36’s will also be in attendance and offer a nice alternative for spectators and drivers. It should be noted that both a true roadster, Cabriolet and convertible sedans are accepted models for the show. I love to look at all of them and the modifications (or lack of) that the owners have incorporated in their build. Most people love to talk about their build and can explain in detail what changes were made to satisfy their dreams.

If your’e dreaming of a roadster and would like to have a closer look at over 900 samples, plus vendors who support the hobby, then come out to the Pomona Fairplex and have a look for yourself — you may drive one home as there are always lots of roadsters for sale.

Stay Tooned!



Adams builds a very stylish Deuce hiboy roadster and uses some new colors for a welcome change.


SO-CAL builds some really nice Deuce hiboys also like this beauty at last year’s Open House.


Terry has acquired Lynn’s old 33 roadster and I plan to stop by and take a look at his open house on Thursday.


Here is your basic black hiboy with a flathead mill and wires. Note center divider in windshield.


You may encounter some high end builds like the T with lots of interesting components.


I will be smiling again this year at The Early Ford Store in San Dimas on Friday morning.


Gary normally drives his Moal built 29 to the show. A true classic with lots of expert metal work.


For your custom fans, this 36 taildragger should start your adrenalin flowing. Bob-O loved this one.


A stock appearing 33 Cabriolet was really detailed to perfection with stylish wheels.


Roadsters by the hundreds are parked all over the Fairgrounds — especially in the shady grass areas.


This little Deuce is an outstanding example of the quality of today’s cars.


Some older builds like this 34 always attract my attention and require a second look.


Speed 33 is a vendor and has some nice examples of their work to start you mind working.


You will see many real old Hot Rods passed down from generation to generation like this one from Petaluma. No rain in the forecast but we will take some if available.

Today’s Photo!


Great photo of a famous corner in Winslow, AZ. They will soon be in Pomona for some good times and some food for Dale.


Dale is lost and needs directions as his GPS led him astray.

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