Roadsters are in Pomona

People are arriving from all over, especially from the snowbound states. Today, many attendee’s toured the new Petersen museum and other shops around the city. We are blessed with perfect sunshiny weather and mid-seventies temperatures. I don’t have a list of open houses but most shops will welcome visitors. I know that Stoker’s is having an open house on Thursday as is Lucky’s on Friday night. Many shops will be setting up for the show and therefore will be real busy in Pomona. Stopping by the Early Ford Store of California is always a great place to visit and will be filled with cars on Friday morning. Send the wife to Beverly Hills or Newport and she will be happy for the day.

While roadsters in building 4 are the main focus, the other 8 buildings are filled with various Hot Rods, Customs, and motorcycles. As mentioned previously, building 9 will be dedicated to “The Need for Speed” which features various racing vehicles. Wear good walking shoes and allow yourself plenty of time as it is difficult to see all buildings in one day. Saturday will be crowded and will have drive in vehicles featured between the buildings.  Besides seeing hundreds of the displays you will see lots of old friends, make some new ones and enjoy the camaraderie of the people in our great hobby.You will be tired when you return to your residence and ready for a good dinner at one of the many restaurants in the Pomona area.

I hope all of you enjoy yourself to the start off the 2016 season.

Stay Tooned!


Other Roadsters and Hot Rods at the GNRS


Michael Moal works at Moal’s and built a nice Track nose roadster which was on display at the GNRS.


I have always liked the cream and black paint scheme on a Track roadster. As usual, craftsmanship was superb.


You may also see some famous old roadsters like Lil´John’s classic 29.


Some builders have nice bare metal examples which always attract me.


Two more famous LA cars sitting in the parking area to be viewed by spectators.


Inside you will see some great looking customs like this 40 Mercury.


More roadsters are available on Saturday with the Drive-In feature.


Phil has his dark green beauty parked with his club members.


A contender from last year, which had a chance at the big one, was a beauty.


My friend Steve had one of the nicest RPU’s built in a long time.


Ryan will have a display showcasing his Reed Designed cars.


You can see some of his RJ cover cars sitting in the outside drive in.


Yes, that is me smiling ear to ear sitting in a Deuce roadster that was built by the Jessie James shop in Austin.


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