Roadster Week

The “Big Roadster Week” is finally here and I am excited about the LARS again this year. I started the week off early with a visit to the Road Kings show in Burbank. The weather was drizzly and cloudy but the turnout was great.  Some of the early roadster arrivals from back east were in attendance in their roadsters.  I am always envious of those roadster drivers who can come 3000 miles to the show and still be able to walk around.  One fellow from Florida said they had two 800 mile days in their roadsters.  I can’t drive 800 miles in my new car let alone a Deuce roadster with bias tires and a Model A rear spring.  I will probably head out to the Fairplex on Thursday to see how many cars have arrived.  The hotel parking lot has changed since last year due to construction but I am sure there will be plenty of roadsters to see.  I will post a few photos on Friday for your viewing.

The weatherman promises good conditions for the show and with my rain dance I am positive it will be a fabulous weekend for the show.  I am going to finally get a look at the sedan delivery rear bumper I purchased from Neil.  Andre will be really happy to have a bumper protecting his rear end.  I hope to find some parts for Lucy and Andre at the swap meet on Friday and Saturday.  This is the swap meet for old Ford parts.  The vendor area should be nice also as building 4 is air conditioned and spacious.  Fred showed me the layout and I think it will be even better than under the nets.  Bring your list and make sure you stop at your favorite vendor and say hello.  I have my list ready to go and my life savings in my wallet.  I can’t wait to see what I come home with.  The wife always wants to see my treasures.

I better go to work and clean my garage.

Stay Tooned!


JCP at 8:00 AM on Sunday morning.  This is just one of the lots that were full of cars.  The Forty Fords were looking good at the entrance.  The Pancake breakfast was held in the area behind the tents in the background.  I only ate a small portion of the giant meal.

Trucks are in especially 34’s and 40’s.  I love the color on the 40 truck.

A Buick engine filled up the compartment nicely and the detailing was high everywhere you looked.

Norm’s clone was being displayed and was a nice surprise for me.  I remember this car from the TV series  “77 Sunset Strip”.

Once the crowd cleared I was able to grab a better photo of the car.  This was a very high end build.

A pair of deliveries parked together and points out the difference between a 41 (left) and 40 (right) styling.  The black one I have featured on this blog.  The car had a very nice black paint job and straight sheet metal.

The RPU and roadster were from back east and had just arrived for the LARS.

Green and low to the ground this RPU must have been fun in the rain and wind coming out here.  A true roadster driver that needs no top.

This is all there is folks.  A cooler, maps, shades, camera and lots of stamina.  It looks like a tonneau was installed along the way.

Buggy springs front and rear rides O.K. for this driver.  The license plate reads Florida (Ocala).  They made it to Pomona in 4 days.

I haven’t shown Sam’s Deuce in a while so here it is.  I always have to have another look at this perfect 5 window.  Being tall, Sam and his son fill the inside of cab to the max.

Today’s RPU….Dreaming!

Roy built this one before they were popular.  I first saw the car at the SEMA show many years ago.  I wonder where Roy’s booth will be this year.  I hope outside.

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