Roadster Week Update

Many roadster drivers are in town and hitting all the hot rod shops that are located in LA. LA is a big city and really spread out over a 60 mile radius. Driving can be a chore during rush hour and sometimes that is all day long. Most of the larger open houses are located by the Fairgrounds and therefore are not hard to reach if staying in the area of the show. We are headed out to the show on Thursday to attend some of the open houses and meet some old friends. I hope all of you have a wonderful time at this year’s 50 Anniversary of the LARS.

I will be back on Monday with some more roadsters for you.

Stay Tooned!


They are lined up ready for the next leg of their long journey.

Dale is leading the way through some very beautiful scenery. Burrr! “Thoze ol-Guys” true roadster drivers.

An impressive row of roadsters and hot rods lined up in front of the Apache Lodge in Prescott, AZ.

Yes, they do drive these high end cars across the country. I featured this one in primer a few months ago.

A history making roadster from the past is sure to be on display at the LARS.

I think the wire wheels have made a comeback. Nice looking Deuce roadster with all the right stuff.

Here is one that belongs in my garage. SAR body, P&J chassis, ZZ4 with a Tremec and nine inch rear….WOW! $75K

I prefer this look with the gas tank rather than the rolled rear pan. Gary, you could add fenders to this one and be rolling in style at BTTF’s.

Today’s Phaeton’s!

I do have a thing for Tubs and this one in particular. The beauty of these cars have always attracted my wife and I to take a closer look.

You need to park this style in the PP area but I spend most of my time out there anyway. I haven’t seen this one for a while.

Here is the one that inspired me to built my phaeton years ago. I wonder if Dick will be at the show with his long time phaeton?

You don’t have to use your 401K to build a phaeton today. This is a beauty without the fenders and he drives it all over the mid-west.

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