Roadster Week is Here!

Show Time in Pomona

This is the big week for the GNRS in Pomona, California. Roadster lovers from all over the world attend this show to view the 12 roadsters in contention as well as 500 other cars, trucks and motorcycles on display. This year for the first time I can remember their will be 8 new entries and 4 old entries given a second chance. I am not sure why this rule change but I would suspect they did not have 12 new entries available for the show. I know of one roadster from Sherms that has been redone and will be standing tall in the competition. Hot Rod has a pictorial on their site about the contenders. I love to look at the new roadsters as well as all roadsters that are scattered throughout the 9 buildings, not just building 4. I am more into the driving style cars but last year’s winner by Bobby Alloway was my favorite of the show.


I picked the 33 early on but I didn’t think the judges would.

 The diversity of roadsters can range from T’s, A’s, Deuces, Model 40’s, 35 & 36 roadsters. Usually there is a sample of each in contention. Early style cars, especially with some historic significance that have been restored, have become popular in the past few years. More traditional style cars with less bling are also more popular today that 10 years ago.


This super nice 29 roadster from Las Vegas was in contention a few years ago and was very well built.

Hand crafted vehicles used to win Boyd the AMBR award with some smoothie designs. That has changed to a more traditional style of roadster. You can imagine the cost of building one of these masterpieces would run well into the seven figures.


SO-CAL finished a winner for Bill with this Jackie Howerton creation.Several years in the making and truly deserving the AMBR title.

Not completely hand crafted, but built with the traditional early style roadster in mine, is another trend that is prominent in today’s builds.


Basic 29 roadster with lots of detailing drew lots attention from the old timers at the show.


One of my favorites was this track style 33 roadster with traditional styling, superb workmanship and detailing.


Not in contention, but truly a historical Hot Rod, is Bud/Julian’s R&C feature build 29 on Deuce rails.


In 2013 Roy and John put together a winner with this long time build using a T body and V8-60 Ardun head engine.

Quality of builds has been improving each year and starting with artist concepts and turning them into masterpieces with unlimited budgets seem to be the norm for most people seeking to win the AMBR award.


Each year we continue to see excellence in design, execution and extreme detail such as this Moal built 33 for Dennis Varni.


Roy also built a channeled roadster for Tom that was very well received.


Notice that many owners are leaning toward the 29 body just to be something other than a Deuce.



The late Bob Kolmos was a Deuce guy and put together a super display of Deuces for the 80th anniversary of the Iconic Deuce.


He laid out the entire building with 80 Driven Deuces and we all were impressed with the collection.

The red Deuces are both Boyd built and showed the difference in the hand-built styles Boyd preferred.


Moal built this special roadster for Bob and added a lot of special features to the body and chassis.


Outside the “Suede Palace” there are always lots of Deuces that are in the process.


I’m smiling because Mort’s roadster is certainly one of my favorites of recent builds.


The only snow you will see is in the mountains waiting in line for the show.

Stay Tooned for more Roadsters on Wednesday!

If you like Roadsters you won’t want to miss this show!

“For you Easterner’s — catch a plane and come to LA!”




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