Roadster Week Begins

The weekend was picture perfect weather wise. The wife and I ventured over to JCP for the Road Kings Car Show which is always well attended. The trip was eventful as all the South bound exit roads to the I-5 were closed as well as the main entrance to the park. Now, I am familiar with most of the landscape, but I don’t like to take Pepe in some of the areas we had to travel through. You know the feeling. After using my GPS we finally arrived and found a nice parking spot on the grassy hillside. Lots of cars and people made the day very enjoyable and I thank all of you who stopped by and introduced yourself. Pepe was well received and made the trip without any problems. I am growing confident of the EFI system. I soon lost my wife and Bob-O and I looked at the cars and listened to the mini cackle fest where Pete and Derrick were doing their thing. While we had seen most of the cars we ran into a new 40 tudor highboy tub from the Bay Area. I know this sounds strange, but the tub was a work of art and built by a long time Bonneville racer, Monty Osborne. The car had major surgery and featured exquisite black paint and a beautiful Sid Shavers interior. Monty went over the surgery he designed in every detail and even had us look at the Lem Toliver chassis featuring a dropped axle and a Halibrand quickchange. It is hard to have something different that looks good but this one hit my soft spot for tubs. I was beginning to tire so I headed back to the car where Jane had finished her Sunday paper. After walking a little more, we loaded up the car and headed home. The show was a good time and I thank the Road Kings for continuing to hold this show each year.

I will be busy this week so the blog can come any time.

See you in Pomona….

Stay Tooned!


Pepe was in the grass if you know what I mean. I am going to install new chine that is slimmer as this one hits a lot.

Tasty black 40 coupe is a local car whose owner also drives a black Deuce hiboy roadster – a perfect pair in my book.

Jane liked this Washington Blue 40 sedan that was really nice with Legacy wheels and rubber running boards.

Pat’s old candy red coupe with chrome Mercury wheels had a lot of admirers all day.

Mike and Ken were talking over Mike’s much traveled 34 coupe. He has literally put thousands of miles on this coupe going to events all over the US.

Ken had Fred build him a twin to Pepe and has now decided he needs a roadster for the summer. The LARS will provide you with lots of choices.

Jane also really liked this Brizio built (1985) Deuce. You don’t see many done up in this style anymore but I always loved the look of a basic stock roadster with an updated drivetrain.

No show is complete without a CMG 40 coupe. Drop’m and drive’m is the way to go with a 40 coupe.

Dave had his life time 3 window over from the Valley for the day. All original sheet metal makes this one a keeper.

Weekend Favorite!

New to my eyes was this hiboy 40 tub built by Monty. Old school all the way with modern concessions such as perfect paint and interior.

The front side panels are from  54 Chevrolet rear quarters. Monty said they fit without much work. They look good to me.

A full flathead is a must for a racer and this one fills the bill nicely. A 6-53 blower was used to add the boost to the little flatty.

A 36 roadster cowl also fits a 40 cowl perfectly and was adapter to the tub. Doors were formed to match. A handmade dash was made to mimic an Auburn. Note multi gauges and pressure pump. Sid did his usual find job on the interior.

Sid added a full back seat and Tonneau which really blends with the tub design. The rear trunk area is all hand formed and rolled over. Tons of metal work to make this happen.

He has added Studebaker lights, a rolled pan and 7 rows of louvers to give it a true hot rod flare. The chassis is a real master piece also. People who think outside the box can create some new style rods for all of us to admire.

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