Roadster Week

Roadster Week is here and all roadsters are headed to Pomona for the LARS. Several groups are driving in caravans across the US and having a great time with fellow roadster owners. Others are boarding airlines from all over the world to fly to Los Angeles for the big show. Locals, like my self, are getting their cars ready for the show and open houses that precede the opening on Saturday. I will be heading out Friday morning to attend several events and see old friends. The weather outlook is great and promises to be a little cooler than last year. Please wear comfortable clothing including good walking shoes, a hat and some sunscreen. One suggestion I have is now that everyone pays, is to include a window sticker so we can take photos and include the owner’s name and origin in our write-ups.

The Road Kings will be back in Johnny Carson Park this Sunday for the 65th year. This was always a great show with a large turnout of cars and a great Pancake Breakfast by the Kiwanis club. The Early Times also normally hold a show this weekend at the Compton Rod and Gun Club. The season is in prime time in LA. This will be the last blog until after the LARS.

Terry and David will be holding their Open House on Thursday!


Stay Tooned!


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The LARS tent will be selling their souvenirs and shirts so be sure to stop by and pick up some items to take home. The shirts go fast.

Some roadster owners are lost and enjoying our “Back Roads!” Have you ever watched a Deuce owner get in his roadster. Not and easy task but once in he is set to go for miles.

Ray will have his roadster on display in Pomona.

These original Deuces always attract my attention. No frills, a little ragged here and there makes them one of my favorites styles.

This is always my favorite spot to see the latest from the master Deuce roadster builder. Roy and his team never fail to offer the finest in roadsters.

Bruce always has some of his history making roadsters on display. He does drive these beauties and is a true enthusiasts in our hobby. Several top builders have been involved in this car over the years and often referred to as the “Double Nickel” roadster.

Many have copied the design  and enjoy driving with the hardtop installed. Wescott offers this top.

Showing the Deuce and 36 Ford roadsters gives you the advancement of the Ford automobile over the period the show promotes. Model-A’s are not as plentiful but a big part of the early history of the AV8 period.

Dennis’s 29 AMBR roadster has quite a history with a lot of Little John influence.

Ray Brown’s historic Deuce was on display last year and I really enjoyed seeing the roadster out of the Petersen.

Building four had a great display of famous roadsters at the entrance. These two R&C roadsters are still in fine shape since being built.

You will see modern roadsters as well as the old style roadsters at the LARS — something for everyone.

Of course, the old style roadsters are most popular with the older generation. This is the real deal as they were.

The 1936 roadsters have become more popular in the past few years. They offer advanced styling and a longer wheelbase.

The similar 1935 Ford cabriolet made into a custom has a different look.

A Phaeton offers a lot more room for the grandkids but lacks the Hot Rod look of the past.

Modern day builds incorporate all the latest technology and high quality found in today’s roadsters.

Brookville has made it possible to start with a nice reproduction body for a reasonable price.

See it all at the LARS June 17-8 at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA.

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