Roadster Month

The big month is finally here and the first day of June proved to be a bright sun shiny day. June in LA is notorious for “June Gloom” days — but not today. Jane and I enjoyed a nice ride to the Pacific and cooled off in the pool in the afternoon. I had changed the oil and filter on Pepe’s high performance engine and while I was under the car I checked all bolts and nuts as well as the bushings and rod ends. I only found one problem with a sway bar bushing which was worn out. I think Frantic has some in inventory and can install them this week. It seems something is always in need of repair on a hot rod that you drive daily. I think the next item prior to the LARS will be to have the radiator flushed out and new coolant added. I don’t know when it was last flushed but I think it is time. I try to do maintenance prior to the problem occurring on the road. June and January are good reminders for me to have all the fluids checked as well as all critical connections and fasteners. The old rule of, “If it’s not broke don’t touch it” doesn’t always pay off for me.

Steve enjoyed the weekend taking a nice 4 hour cruise on Neal’s Run which is a small event through the beautiful central coast area. Neal is quite a craftsman and believes in building old Fords with old Ford parts. He is known for his Deuce roadster pickup which is full of his creative talents. The event had about 45 cars and a good time was had by all who attended. Thanks Steve for the photos.

As the month progress’s, I will post photos from the many tour groups who are on their way to the big event. Many are leaving this week and will be on the road for a couple of weeks which should provide some real interesting stories and photos. If you want, you can send all photos to

Have wonderful month enjoying the height of the season for most of us roadster lovers.

Stay Tooned!


Neal’s mor-door Deuce is a classy ride with some different wheel trim covers.

I like this 33 hiboy that is out for having fun for the day. I trust that flathead was keeping up with the traffic.

A pair of 40 coupes and a 39 standard sedan were also enjoying the cruise and stops along the way.

Mike figured he would drive his coupe today rather the his Tub. It is nice to have a choice. Black paint and dusty conditions don’t mix.

Mark drove his stunning roadster up the coast for the run and you would have to look a long time to find a nicer example of a full fendered Deuce roadster.

Another pair of roadsters and Glenn’s 41 delivery were enjoying the day on the central coast. The delivery was on the cover of Hot Rod in 1975.

Here is another nice roadster with seldom seen fender spare tires. (Facebook photo)

I am suddenly in love with this 5 window metal masterpiece. (SRM photo) Bob-O would love this one.

Walden Speed Shop does superb metal work as shown in this three widow. See it at their open house on Friday evening.

How about a 1935 Ford roadster for a good time in the sun? Please bring back the PRC.

Here is the K-member I ended up using in Project 32. A simple but strong and effective design and easy to fabricate. Note the transmission mount is direct mounted to the cross tube with P&J bushings in the ends. P&J sells these units for around $300.

The Twelve Days until the LARS! #1

A famous roadster in the LA area is Dennis Kyle’s long standing hiboy that reeks with history of Tom Senter and his tales in R&C – building the Ardun. A true simple, basic car that will always be in style.

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