Roadster Month — Pomona or Bust

FB has several photos of various travelers to the LARS. I love seeing all these roadster lovers headed west for the largest gathering of roadsters in the world. I have such a short drive but I still love seeing them on the 210 freeway stacked up in traffic wondering — “What did we get into” and then they remember — We are in LA! We love our traffic and always plan ways to avoid it but it is not always possible. I hope to have an electric fan installed to avoid overheating by next week. I had to park along side the road last year to let Pepe cool down. Hot Rods get Hot! Just as a reminder, the SO-CAL Open House will be very crowded and starts a 1:00 PM. This is where I overheated and had to park in front of an industrial site for about thirty minutes. Avoid busy traffic times if possible.

I feel you really need to budget your time at the LARS as you cannot do it all and cover the area in one day. If you are a die hard swap meet fan, you could spend half the day doing this and nothing else. I only go on Saturday anymore as I spend Friday’s at the Open Houses. I usually walk through the Preferred Parking where I park my car, then look at the roadsters on the way to building 4 stopping at the outside vendor booths on the way. It is now noon and I usually meet up with Walt for lunch and BS. After lunch, I tour building 4 and run into lots of friends who are trying to stay cool in the air conditioned building. I spend about an hour and half in the building and then head to the rows of roadsters between the buildings and were ever I see something I like. It is soon 4:00 PM and I need to meet up with the gang for Dinner at the Pomona Mining Company which has long been a tradition of mine. Nothing fancy, but a super salad bar and a nice cold beverage of choice. This schedule allows me a nice drive home without the major traffic we have in our “City of Angels.” If you wonder around without a plan the day will soon escape you and you will have missed the show. Saturday is the day to see it all. Make a plan and work the plan.

See Ya Soon!!!

Stay Tooned!


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Sid has his original roadster back, redone it, and will be in Pomona. Make sure you stop by his booth to see his roadster and his excellent upholstery skills.


Here is his new interior which is always at the top of the scale.


Sid does drive his roadster as a member of the Bay Area Roadsters.


Headed to Pomona and doing it in his roadster. I love these guys and gals.


“Those Ol Guys” stopped at Mickey’s for breakfast before a long day ahead of them. I think Mickey’s sells a 32 oz. Egg McMuffin!


Now, if this photo doesn’t make you want to drive to Pomona, you are looking at the wrong site.


Rick stopped at the Cadillac Ranch on his way to Pomona.


Michael will be joining Sid in his Brizio roadster for the trip down from the Bay Area.


Danny is bringing his RPU out for the show. I will get a good look at this one. His does great work at Bruce’s Rod Shop.


Not sure if you will see many like this but I hope so. Memories are always great at the LARS.


Only available in the Preferred Parking area, but worth the walk, is a very nice 40 rag. Bring checkbook.


Even though the LARS is about roadsters, there are always a group of Woodie owners who park together for us Woody lovers. I need one of these 46-8 Woodies!


RPU’s are popular also and there will be a few to have a closer look.


Dave, from the Prescott, AZ group, has beautiful 31 RPU that is a step above most I’ve featured. Love the hubcaps. (Lyons?)


John has a tough choice when it comes to choosing his ride down from the Central Coast region.


He recently added this beautiful Deuce sedan to his portfolio and I am a big fan of this one.


I will give this one 3 photos as I really like it!


Real traditional interior fits the build perfectly.


Dennis wanted me to show you his stocker is not so stock as I indicated. Love this roadster and the style. Dennis has quite a collection of model – 40’s


I should have picked up on the tires but I ran those on my stocker. Beautiful roadster!


Father and Son legends are always at the LARS and welcome you to stop by and say Hello! They know about  driving roadsters better than most.

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