Roadster Month — Los Angeles Roadster Show

June in Los Angeles is known as “June Gloom” but only in the mornings. When the sunshine arrives, it is always very hot in Pomona where a 1000 roadsters will be roaming the streets. Open houses will be filled with roadsters and spectators who are in town for the largest display of roadsters in the United States. This year marks the 52nd year of the Los Angeles Roadster Show and promises to be a fun weekend for all who attend. If you download their 2016 Flyer you will have all the information you need about the event, shop tours, vendors, lodging and anything else you may want to know. The members have been putting this show on for 51 years and can answer most questions you may ask — they are the experts so don’t be afraid to ask. Early arrivals usually hit town on Wednesday or Thursday and start their own tours of the shops. Many have been coming to the show for years and have their itinerary planned months ahead of time. Remember, Open Houses such as So-Cal and Walden’s  fill up fast and have standing room only in the shops. Both of these events have limited parking — both on and off the premise. You will need a parking pass to park in So-Cal’s lot. Early arrival will help the parking but I have seen people show up 2-3 hours prior to the event to obtain a parking spot on the street.

The LARS event features roadsters but the Preferred Parking area will have another 2500 cars for viewing  and is close to the swap meet. If you happen to purchase some treasures for your Hot Rod you w0n’t have far to walk. Finding a location under the trees is ideal but often not available later in the day. I park next to the restrooms because I’m am old and require several pit stops during the day. Pepe will be parked in the normal spot if available. The layout changes every year so I don’t know exactly where I will be until the day of the show. Please stop by and say hello. The show provides the opportunity to meet roadster lovers from all over the world. Some will be long time friends, some will be new friends — all with something in common — love for old Ford roadsters! Don’t put this show off as it kick starts all of us who like building roadsters.

More to follow as we approach the show dates.

Stay Tooned!


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The 52nd Annual Los Angeles Show 

Preferred Parking and Swap Areas


The front line in Preferred Parking.

lars2010 003

The swap meet will be filled with cars for sale and rows of antique car parts.


Famous cars and builders often set up camp in the Swap Meet area. Who are these guys?


Pete and Rick have a booth each year showing their work and parts.


A long time friend, Jenni, enhanced my love of this CMG 40 convert. Someday I will own another one.


Buick drums are everywhere but none are inexpensive.


Rare Americans are pricey also.


For model 40 guys like me, the inner fender panels are always available at this show.


The highest price I have ever seen for a stock 33 chassis. It sold!


I will be looking for a set up like this one.



Watching them come in while Frank Brown is doing the directing is always my favorite spot on Saturday morning.


The old layout was like this with roadsters parked in row for as far as you could see. The new layout is more widespread so wear some good walking shoes.


The Bay Area Roadsters are always out in force at the show.


Legend Tom Walsh hasn’t missed a show in years. All of his cars are spotless and drivers.


The LAR’s park together in one spot with signs telling their name. Please stop and tell them how much you appreciate their hard work. We sure wouldn’t want to loose this prestigious event.


“Those Old Guys” park together with the Deuce Guy, Dale!


Roadsters are everywhere in the new layout.


Rows and rows of roadsters for your viewing.


Roy’s booth is always full with quality built roadsters.


Roy Brizio always has a Phaeton or two that he has built or redone like this old Tex Smith’s ride.


Lots of people on Saturday near building #4.

Open Houses and Vendors


Crowds are large but looking at the projects is what I like the best.


Neat items like this front Hurst style SBC mount caught my eye.


Brand new bones with cutouts were attractive items but pricey.


Chucky built him a real nice roadster but I never saw it finished.


He and I always liked this look. This was his second one with the Duvall and 5 1/2″ Super Bell tube axle. I wonder where it is now?


Building #4 is huge and full of vendors that will be happy to take your order and money. Step Up!


You can even talk to a number of different upholstery giants to see how much you need to take out for a second mortgage.

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