Roadster Week – It won’t be long now!

Jane and I headed over to Burbank early today and were surprised by all the cars that were already staged by the time we arrived. There is ample parking at JCP and were ushered to a nice spot under the trees up on the knoll. I had noticed the Connecticut license plates on a few cars parked next to us and quickly recognized the Ardun powered roadster of Sam’s. We also saw another stunning red roadster from Connecticut which was an indicator that the roadsters had arrived from their long journey across the country. I thank all of you who stopped by and introduced yourself as I really enjoy hearing from you. The Road Kings is an old established club that does and outstanding job each year of hosting the event. As with most events today, the majority of cars are all late models hot rods but they were a dozen or so pre-48 rides that keep me busy. Dick and I discussed Deuces with a fellow from Connecticut who had one of the nicer roadsters in the show. He built it over a ten year period and the car had lots of curb appeal and detail. I sure appreciate people taking time to discuss their cars with me and I soon detect their passion for the hobby.

Pepe had a lot of admirers and I did an interview on her history with a production company. Trucks are not for everyone but it seems a lot of people like the deliveries for their roominess and style, especially a 1940 model. One fellow stopped and told me how he could repair the paint on the back door so that will be my next step after the roadster show. Remember, too much clear is not good after a while on the road. Clear cracks under stress if it is too thick. I would limit clear coats to three applications sanding in between each application…but I am not a painter.

I will be busy this week with my guest and may not do any posting until Sunday. For those of you on Facebook, you can follow the event daily if you are friends with the many roadster lovers.

Have a wonderful week and Happy Father’s Day weekend.

Stay Tooned!


Greg shot this photo of Lucy at the Donut Derelicts on Saturday. The car has a new look again with the wire wheels and large diameter tires. Thanks Greg for rekindling the fire in my roadster blood.

Here is an amazing story of a roadster lover “Dickie” and his thirst to drive to LA from Virginia. He is leaving today, by himself, and making the trip. I will look him up and congratulate him on his courage and stamina to take such a journey. Nice house and car.

“Thoze ol Guys – Topless Tour” (not Gray Beards as previously reported) stopped for some very picturesque scenery while coming through the mountains. Fabulous photo! Can you stop with three wheel brakes in the mountains?

The license plate sez it all….ARDUN. Sam is the expert on Arduns and owns more than one.

O.K., so it’s not a roadster but Jane liked this Folkstone 40 coupe and so did I. Gary needs one this color to go with his woody.

I fell in love with this yellow 41 pickup with all the right stuff.

I know Greg loved the Cackle cars that were making lots of noise during the Road Kings show.

An early arrival from FL was visiting JCP today. Lots of neat items on this jewel that required some thought to implement.

Joel snapped some photos of some travelers and posted them on FB. I will be looking for this one.


Pepe was digging in the grass while on the knoll. I need to make a sponge chin as many times as I scrap it.

Always looking brand new, John’s 29 is part of our roadster boys group.

Jane thought this 36 cabriolet looked good sitting in the grass at JCP.

Getting ready for the tour are these guys in front of the Air Museum.

Greg had never seen Bob’s tub in person until today at the Early Times Picnic in Compton. Truly one of a kind.

Today’s Roadster!

You can look at a dozen roadsters and they are just roadsters — then you run across one that grabs your eye like this one. Lobeck chassis, Bop Top, perfect red paint and bright wheels really set this one apart from the rest.

I love the license plate which is from Connecticut. The deck lid is from Steve’s and required lot of work to fit the opening.

A nice interior made driving the LA traffic doable.

A late model SBC was installed and detailed to the max.

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