Roadster Month – Day 8

I have received some photos from several tour groups who are on their way to the LA. Roadsters Father’s Day show. They are making the journey from all parts of the country through all kinds of inclement weather. The passion for the roadster and the driving experience with other enthusiasts is what it is all about for some owners. I have only heard from one from driver who had a transmission problem and had a small delay but the rest are having fun. If you have never driven 500 or so miles a day in a Deuce hiboy, then I can assure you, that is no small task for most of us. The old body and buttocks begin to ache after a few hours on the road. And while it is exciting hearing the exhaust echo and motor purring as you roll pass miles of sometimes boring scenery, you soon are wanting to make a stop. Most Deuces have small gas tanks which means you will be stopping every 175 miles or so. You need to do this and stretch out you legs for a short time. Many drivers are experienced in this cross country trip and know how to survive, but some are new to journey and learn as they spend 3-5 days on the road. I wish them all a safe and trouble free trip.

I spent the day at Frantic’s having Pepe worked on. Fred replaced the front sway bar bushing which had come loose and adjusted the rear tail pipes to prevent rubbing against the gas tank. He is also going to install some new upper shock mounts to correct the shock travel problem I currently have experienced. He is going to extend the upper mount with some new TCI units which should add another 1 1/2 inches of travel. Fred is real busy again and I was happy he could work me in today. He is leaving for the SRT to MN next Sunday and will not be back for a couple of weeks. The “Back to Fifties” show is a huge event and I wish I could make the journey with the group as it sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe next year will be my turn.

I will see some of the early arrivals at the Road King show on Sunday and maybe some flathead guys at Don’s Coffee & Kix tomorrow morning. The flame is burning strong in the LA area and all roads lead to Pomona. Drive safely!

Stay Tooned!


Dale and his group are lined up ready to go and join more roadsters on “The Gray Beard Topless Tour”.

Rolling down the road in a hot rod is going “First Class” in these owners minds. I agree with them.

The scenery in the mountains is breathtaking and the top up means they are back east. (Deuce Reunion)

The JHRS tour group are lined up in Gadsden for a nice photo shoot. I do think they love the Deuce in Alabama. “Sweet Home Alabama”!

The WI roadsters are on their way also. No rain predicted?

They are prepared with Sid’s Bop Top and side curtains. I love the looks of his top. (WI group)

Another WI driver looks like he is pulling a trailer to LA. Nice top on the 29 hiboy.

There are always some nice planned stops along the way which helps work out those muscles that are cramped.

Not quite ready for this years show is this bare metal 36 roadster at one of the stops.

I show this engine for my friend Jim who loves horsepower. He has a twin in his 40 Woody at Ryan’s.

If you don’t have a roadster you can drive with the group and park in the Preferred Parking area with 2000 of you closest friends.

Up in OR is this old Deuce Vicky roadster that was popular in the 80’s. Remember the DF primered one the Roy Jr. built?

Todays Roadster!

I am still a big fan of Joe’s roadster and this photo. What a car!

Now fully restored and looking better than ever, Joe’s roadster is still a style to copy for the early look of roadsters in Southern California. It would be nice if they could have all of these “Milestone’ roadsters in one spot for us to admire. Maybe they will!

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