Roadster Month Begins

June is for roadsters and the annual get together for roadster owners from all over the world who make their way to the Los Angeles Roadsters Show in Pomona, California. This will be the 51st year the LARS have produced this epic event— which is the longest running roadster show in the world. I have been attending for 30 years both as a vendor (General Motors) and a participant. If you love roadsters and a huge old car parts swap meet, this is the place to be on Father’s Day weekend.  For early arrivals, shop tours will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday prior to the show opening (see flyer for details). You will see some of the specialty shops, their projects and products along with some experience on our LA freeways. The long running events held on Friday by SO-CAL and Walden will be packed to walls with parking a premium. SO-CAL issues parking passes for their on-premise parking so be warned — you just don’t drive in. Reservoir Street will be packed with hundreds of hot rods and spectators enjoying the show. Parking at Walden’s is more confined and limited but you can still park close by and walk to the shop.

Hotel rooms are normally sold out months ahead of time but some are still available if you don’t mind driving a little distance. If you have never attended this event, do yourself a favor and make it priority this year — you won’t regret it.

A reminder to those of us who can no longer walk the huge show grounds, riding scooters are available to rent. Make sure you arrive early or the scooter you thought you had may not be available if you show up late. I showed up at 8:30 am only to find my reservation and payment meant nothing — the scooters were all rented. I don’t know how you solve this problem but it does happen at this event.

For those of you traveling across country with other roadster drivers, please drive carefully and stay safe as we want you back again next year. If you don’t have a roadster there are plenty of other models on display also. The LARS will also have a Coupe display this year per their display at the GNRS this year.  Don’t miss this event—start packing today!

Stay Tooned!



This is kind of how it all started in my younger days. A group of guys discussing how to make it go faster.

photo 1

Today’s version of a patina real deal hot rod that was invited to Neal’s Run this past weekend. Not much has changed.

photo 3

Neal invites a lot of flathead and banger powered cars along with a few SBC’s.

photo 2

A nice Deuce with the early look and flathead mill.


The McGee car has been copied over the years by many but this is the real one owned by Bruce Meyers.


You never know what is going to show up until the day of the show. Model 40 with a unique front end and hood.



Bob has finally finished his very classy 36 roadster after spending considerable time on making the top just right.


If you aren’t into roadsters, there will be plenty of closed cars in the “Specialty Parking” area. Pepe will be parked in this area also. Mor-doors are big this year.


Richard also has a serious Bonneville racer complete with Ardun head equipped Mercury flathead.


I don’t think he will run out of cars to drive anytime soon. The Kirk White roadster is one of my favorites.


A fellow that needs no introduction, will be driving one of his fleet cars to the show as he has done for many years.

Today’s Photo


Richard has the collection of cars that we all love. Here is a clone of the Stanley Wanlass  sculpture he commissioned to be built.


Here is a better photo of the two roadsters.

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