Roadster Month

Roadsters have always been my favorite Hot Rod. I just like the sensation of a topless ride where you can feel the wind in your face and the sound of the quickchange ringing in your hears. Growing up in the Midwest where roadsters were not so popular, I had to settle for convertibles with windows.

My first roadster came years later when I was able to purchase a 32 roadster body that needed lots of work. Fiberglass cars were just coming on the market but I found my steel treasure for $400. I never finished it but the next owner did. Wescott and Gibbon soon became the leaders in fiberglass cars and sold thousands of them until Brookville and Rod Bod came out with steel reproductions.

The love of the roadster, despite the less than desirable comfort compared to a close car, still continues today with the die hard topless owners. Lets look at some examples of roadsters and convertibles.

Stay Tooned!


Tom has owned his roadster since he was 16 and still drives it often.
Kirk has a really nice 33 roadster with blown flathead.
The quickchange is a popular item on hiboys.
Nice 34 built by Keith has. Ford engine for a change.
A Wescott body on original rails makes a great roadster.
Fenders make a difference in the looks of a roadster.
Paul built a fine example of a Phaeton a few years ago.
R&C cover car that Ray Lark built a few years ago.
A completely different look with a Duvall and 37 grille.
An SAR body with 37 grille is a nice way to go also.
Moal builds some one-off roadsters that have his style incorporated.
Early style builds are always pleasing to the eye.Don Small built his Bell special.
This year you can park your convertible with the roadster.
Cut some holes in your hood so the Ardun heads can protrude out.
The 40 convertible will be parked with the roadsters.
The 46 convertible will also be parking with the roadsters.
Another 40 convertible with standard front end.
This little cutie qualifies for roadster parking this year at the LARS.
My favorite hiboy tub is a fun ride and different.
Another great looking hiboy tub for you viewing.

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