Roadster Dreaming

I spent the morning in the dentist office and became involved in a conversation with the dentist about Woodies. He has a strong interest in purchasing one but is a novice concerning value. I told him it is much like shopping for a good USC dentist, good ones are more expensive than bad ones. He laughed and said he was going to give me a discount on my crown he was about to install. We ended the conversation with the following ideas: Take an experienced person with you to inspect the car, (especially the wood), drive it to see how it handles and look at more than one vehicle. He wants a Hot Rod woody with all the modern day conveniences and I gave him the one I would go see if I were buying a woody. I hope he remembers the discount when he sends me the bill. The record cold weather will certainly delay some of the car building activities than normally occur after the holidays and I hope all viewers at least have the heat available in their homes to protect them. As one viewer mentioned, he will have to do his dreaming on the internet versus the garage. I talked to one shop in IL today and he was working but stated it was very cold in his garage even with heat. I was doing some research for Walt on changing the angle of his rear shocks to prevent frame interference and provide more stability in the ride. If you have ever built a Deuce with a QC using stock 40 axle tubes and the 47 Ford mounts then you know how severe the angle can be if not installed properly. He does not want to weld a new lower mount on the painted housing and Pure Hot Rods offers a new version of the 47 style mount that helps with the angle. Sometimes this “Old School” stuff can be time consuming and frustrating but the proper aesthetics are important for the early style. I will make a trip down to Walt’s and see if I can come up with a solution. Once and engineer, always and engineer.

I am still working on the X-member design and should be able to take it to IMS for an estimate tomorrow. I love the IHRS unit and may go that way if the make versus buy turns out a wash. I know it’s cold in MI so I may have to wait until Mat and Dennis thaw out.

I don’t have any more doctor appointments this month so progress will be made.

Stay Warm and Tooned!


From Facebook…this is a wonderful photo of “Cherry Pie”. I do like snow, I just don’t want to live with it anymore.

Mike was getting close to completion in this photo. A lot of effort and money are required to have a roller like this from Roy’s emporium. You get what you pay for at Roy’s plus the residual of a Brizio built car is more than most Deuce hiboys.

Mike looks happy at last year’s AMBR show with his roadster which is now in the sharpest red I have seen in a long time. I would be smiling too.

Bob McCoy certainly still has the talent and eye for creativity.

I have fallen in love with the IHRS  chassis work. Matt and Dennis know traditional chassis design. I am still concerned about exhaust routing with this design but I am sure they have it worked out. I need one of these in my garage.

Cory used the IHRS components for his home built roadster. This was his maiden voyage down our famous Rt 1 coast highway.

Cory, a GM engineer, offers these slick bungs for the early wishbones using the 28-34 Ford tie rod ends.  I like them Cory.

Dave, of Fastlane Hot Rods, built George’s delivery using a CE X-member with his creative modifications. Nice!

If you can find a suitable rear crossmember have your local sheet metal shop make one for you. Material is 3/16 (.1875) You can make the center straight to use the 40 style spring. This is less expensive than paying for an original Deuce one.

SO-CAL offers a classic design (Eastwood) that offers the traditional look (70’s) and provides lots of exhaust room.

SO-CAL’s latest cast look brackets are very classic looking and readily available. It is an option for the 36 bones pursuit.

AMBR Winners in recent years!

My friend Tom loves Deuces and has built this AMBR (Sedeuced) in conjunction with Steve. These cars push 7 figures due to parts and labor involved during the build. I carried parts from Lil’ John back and forth to the Bay area during this build.

Scotts hand built this winner during the “Mega Build” days of the roadster show.

Scotts followed up with another hand built winner with the same “Mega Build” theme.

Squeeg built this one and to many of us, the change was welcomed by the judges selecting a more traditional car. These cars still require a substantial investment but the style is much more pleasing for my taste.

The first winner is still alive and doing well. Jake put it back together and kept the flame burning.

The 2013 AMBR, built by Roy and his team for John, really set the tone for traditional style cars in the winners circle. For me, I am very pleased to see a car of this style win.

Pewsplace Winner!

I am a man of simple taste and I always thought this one was a perfect example of a daily High School driver. My wish in 2014 is that the PRC brings back the Reliability Run. If you require sponsors or donations I am sure many of us would contribute. Dennis and Richard are you listening?

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