Roadster Day

The set up for the “Driven Deuces” was last night and I am sure the Deuce lovers will have a great time in building 9.  The show opens tomorrow at noon and I plan to be there waiting in the long line to see the 10 contestants for the AMBR award.  I always enjoy looking at the efforts that are put forth toward winning the title.  I can appreciate all the work people have done over the past year getting their roadster ready.

See you at the show.

Stay Tooned!


Here is the winner of last years show.  A very subtle roadster for a change was selected and pleased traditional roadster lovers everywhere,

A highly modified 33 roadster was selected for the 2010 award… again a hand built collage of ideas from the builder and owner.

The same builder won again in 08 with a hand built Deuce and was more of collage of a builder/owner ideas than a traditional roadster which has been the norm for the show for many years.

If I were to pick a winner it would be more on the style of this Bass built beauty which is featured in this months Rodders Journal.

I also would have selected Pat’s beautiful traditional roadster that he has built over the past several years.

Today’s Favorite

An owner built 29 would be right up there on my list for AMBR but these type cars simply don’t qualify for the big one.  I think we might see that changing this year if we learn from last year’s winner.


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