Road Trip

I know most of us have made a road trip to look at a car at one time in our quest for a new project, but I have not been on one in many years. A friend of mine ask me to tag along on a road trip he had planned. I accepted his offer. We are looking forward to seeing what we can find back east. I don’t like the cold weather but I need to do this to satisfy one of my bucket list items. Traveling can be fun if you have a nice rig to ride in and provided you don’t have any breakdowns. Each day provides some new challenges and education which is good for the mind. Remember a body in motion stays in motion.

I will be gone until next Monday so look through the many years of old post and enjoy the new year while I am away.

Stay Tooned!


Who knows what you will find waiting for you in some far off place.

I know of a garage that has this project going and has been dormant for many years.

How about a nice sedan sitting on the snow covered land of the Midwest.

How long has this one been tucked away in some old timers garage? I kind of like the chopped top with the fenders on this sedan.

These cars are being built in many garages across the country. You need to be short to drive them but I love the look.

Sometimes you open the garage door and there they sit waiting for your appraisal.

You wonder if this one was ever finished or is sitting in the garage awaiting the next step. This is a top 75 car from the past.

I would hope to find one like this Brizio built beauty sitting and waiting to be discovered. Note the 39 front end.

Stepping into this garage would bring a big smile to my face. Note the Deuce shells on the wall. My kind of place to visit.

 Readers Projects!

I first saw this 40 last year and now he has installed the new rain gutters (it can be done) and put the coupe in primer.

This labor of love has been a 10 year project but the end result is worth every sleepless night you had contemplating your next move.

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