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I receive lots of mail from readers that includes photos of their cars. I receive more than I can post at one time but I do try to include all of them over time. Please be patient and yours will show up shortly after you send it to Pewsplace. Today, I will catch up with some photos I have been waiting to post. Keep sending them to me as I really enjoy seeing who is driving what these days. I particularly like the in-process cars showing the various stages of completion we all go through while building our dreams. I am fond of bare metal photos showing the metalworking skills that some of you possess. Interior shots, dash details, chassis construction and anything you might have crafted yourself are all welcome on Pewsplace.

My garage work is still focused on the chassis center X-member which is now completely designed and ready for final notching with my new Eastwood Tube Notcher. I am not an expert yet and each notch needs some touch up but the tool sure beats the chop saw for me. I have decided to put a bend on each leg where it attaches to the frame. I think it looks better and will provide and easier weld circle. I have made boxing plates for each of the attaching points using 90° bends in the legs. I have not done this but plan to have the legs bent or buy some DOM U-bends and weld them to the tubes. I am keeping busy and doing somethings more than once — if you know what I mean. Next up, will be the rear crossmember and ladder bar set up from P&J’s. I completed the rear boxing plates today using my 4 1/2 grinder and lots of cut-off wheels. If Santa is reading this — a Plasma cutter would be nice.

Our Roaming Relics car show in Moorpark is this Sunday and always draws a lot of cars and spectators. I am not taking a car but will go and walk the streets and see some old friends. I maybe will have some warm cider and a donut to put me in the fall mood.

Enjoy your weekend!

Stay Tooned!



This tasty 40 standard looks ready for the road with a nice stance, Halibrand style wheels, louvered hood and shiny black paint. Love those sedans!


The interior looks comfortable with the A/C duct blowing cool air on those hot days.


RC’s 40 rag has the look and stance that make the convertible a very nice Hot Rod. Pepe likes these ladies a lot!


From CO comes this beautiful Deuce 3-window that is in the final stages of completion.


It is nice to see a un-chopped version for a change. They look good either way and this one really has a nice look and paint.


The 46 rag with the Mullins trailer belongs in my garage. It looks like Jim has a garage full of nice Hot Rods.


Tim always has a garage full of nice 40’s. He is helping the owner of the Maroon one finish up some details.


The classic 40 coupe is Tim’s love and he has built numerous award winners over the years. He cars all have the “Bedford Look” and are always among the show winners.


Gene posted this beautiful MN fall photo of his woody which runs great in the cool weather. Perfection!


Mel likes the DuVall windshield and so do I. They are hard to fit a top to but I have seen some nice ones over the years.

Today’s Photos


In process Deuce sedan has the resto-rod look with red steelies and big headlights.


The Deuce 3-window is coming along nicely and the five-spokes are perfect for this build.

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  3. Lynn the 40 convert is a friend who passed away 2 years ago not mine.i have a 32 roadster in lake havasu az. and a 28 ford closed cab wi.delphine skinner also a friend sends you shots.R.C

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