The V8 quick change is very popular in traditional Hot rods. Closed drivelines help stiffen up the rear but the pinions and snouts are easy to break with any kind of  high HP applied to the rear end.


A new entry from Speedway in CA has the look I like using the 40 axle tubes.


Champ 301 with CAE side plates and 40 axle tubes with 9″ ends.


*80’s Halibrand with new side plates and full floating axles.


The champ looks good under Scott’s sedan. A small notch is required for clearance.


DPI differential machined to fit into the above rear ends


The early 3/4 ton differential with 12 spline side gears. Hard to find.



The new V8 Winters is a winner and the QC of choice for many, reasonably priced, great service and proven durability from a stable company.

Winters Quick Change

The V8 center section is available to build your own unit using Early Ford parts. Strong pinion area and less susceptible to breakage. I used this one in a sedan.


Peeking underneath for a nice view of the newer Winters unit with their axle bells. Very reasonably priced.


A very nice feature for the small capacity Deuce gas tank.


The Winter V8 comes with a really nice differential that works great on the street. I ordered the polished center section.


Winters has cleaned up the housing to give it more of a traditional look.


Cornhuskers can supply you with just the case or the complete unit for a reasonable price.

Axle Tube modifications for 9″ large bearing ends.


I do mine with a homemade jig but a lathe is the best method to ensure straight ends.


Here is home maid jig for installing the register style ends.


This method requires perfect alignment prior to welding.


Clean welding tacking at four corners prior to welding and cooling process gives you a nice clean and strong weld.

(Article from the HAMB.)

Champ Side Plates

Completed center

This is the Winters side plate adapters offered in both 11 and 12 bolt styles.


Halibrand offered these aluminum and magnesium side plate for the Champ and EF axle tubes 10 bolt.


They were beefy and held up well under some high hp engines over the years.

photo 1

These are some owner made adapters which work good also.

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