2016 Progress Report

Work over the holidays. Coming along slowly but nicely.


This is my first tubing center section. I learned a lot notching the tubes to fit tightly.


Final welding will take place after engine and transmission are fitted in the framework. 

My current Project January 2015 – 16


Yes, I have started another model 40 roadster with no deadline in mind. I just always need a project to keep me busy. You guys know what I mean.


My friend Thom Taylor did a sketch a few years ago and I always thought it had the look I like. I plan to follow this concept for this build.


I was able to obtain a new jig for building frames which I have never used. I should have had one of these years ago. I am using ASC rails with a CE X-member and a P&J front crossmember. All new metal€¦no pits!


I made patterns for the boxing plates which I will have cut with a plasma cutter rather than my old torch.


Dave loaned me his gas tank and it fit the ASC rails perfectly in the jig. That is a good sign the rails are correct.


I will be using 34 drilled bones for the front suspension with a SO-CAL forged axle. I can remember using these on my 34 sedan back in 73. I am going back in time.


I like the V’d front spreader bar and while I was busy in the garage I also made a SS steering column.

My storage lot Delivery January 2012

My wife thought I was nuts to buy this sedan delivery which had been stored in a storage lot about 5 miles from my home for over 30 years.  I showed her that it was real solid and cheap so she said O.K., but you need to finish this one.  I promised to have it done  but no deadline has been established for completion.

I want to thank the “Office staff” for helping me haul this prize home.  The rats lost their Motel 6 Hotel.

Here is Andre the original owner of the sedan delivery for many years. He brought me more parts for the car when the car was finally in my garage. I hope to take him for a ride in the near future.

Here is the u-channl I had bent up at the local sheet metal shop. I will drill holes to make it look like the inner channel Ford used.

My original thought was to repair the original ones but they require a lot of work to make nice. The center holes is for the exhaust which replaces the two original holes.

I first thought I would build a box but later changed to this u-channel which will be reversed and installed in the stock chassis . This will provide full strength to the top rail which has been replace.  More finish work is required after the sandblasting. TIG welding requires squeaky clean metal.

The u-channel makes a strong reinforcement and looks like it was done at the factory. Holes will be added to allow access to running boards and rivets.

I also installed the rear shock mounts which bolt in place. The rear end is now complete except for the sway bar.

I decided to all another plate between the two plates already installed. I feel like it will really tie the center x together better than as I firstconstructed the chassis.

I like to use the stock Chevy pump which means you have to cut the crossmember for clearance. I used my torch and cut easily and smooth. I need the Plasma cutter for Christmas.

This should provide the clearance required. I moved it down about 1 1/2 inches and will box the opening.

I used a piece of metal I had bent up for this application. I will trim and weld in prior to blasting. I hope I left enough room.

Update 3/12/12

Here is the plate after welding in the crossmember. I ground the welds to make them seamless. The plate is welded on the bottom also.

I made a pattern for an additional plate for the bottom of the x member. I can remove the trans plate and the frame will still be solid.

Here is the final product ready for the powder coater.

Thanks to Gary, I cut the fuel pump plate a little more than I thought it needed and it cleared with no problems. I don’t like noisy electric pumps.

I also made plates for the rear exhaust frame holes which were hacked by an installer. Most chassis I have worked on have these hacked for tailpipe clearance. The frame is upside down in this photo.

It had just rained and the powder coating truck was coming to pick up the chassis. I had the rear jig so I added the Harbor Freight dollies and had an instant rolling chassis.

Ajax’s has a 26′ stake bed truck with a lift gate so loading was really easy with no lifting for any of us. They offer this service for no extra charge. I was real happy the truck was a GMC. I like to keep it in the family.

Andre has a new home in TN and will soon be on the road. June 2013.

Old Blue has left Pewsplace but has landed in a nice new home and is on the road.

This was my third 48 convertible that I drug home from Fresno. Rust free but a major project. I gathered all the parts and lost interest.

Here she is today after one year of hard work by the new owner.  It is chopped 2 inches and I love it.  Alan does great work fast.

Ruby One.

Gary found this Dearborn winner for me in Napa and I drove it home to LA.  I kept it stock for about 3 months then made it a hot rod.

Here are both of the 48’s together when I did the conversion.  The one on the left is YAYA which now belongs to my neighbor.

Lucy II

Here is my progress after two back surgeries and lots of therapy.  I just couldn’t finish it.  I dreamed about this car for many months lying on my back.

Terry is now driving Lucy II and I am still walking.  I am glad it went to a good home and Terry has improved on my original theme.

The top came out real nice as did the whole car. I miss her but she has a good home and is on the street.

Ready for her maiden voyage to Del Mar. Looking good in my eyes.

What a nice rear end on the old gal. I bet she makes some noise going down the road.

Lucy has a nice front end now that she is grown up and ready to rock and roll.

My Dream Came True in January, 2013

Just home from Colorado, Pepe was glad to be back when he belongs. It is warm in LA.

Andre is jealous but understands the time has come for a long time dream to come true. The droopy door handle will be fixed.

New to me but a welcome addition to the signature series 383 from Edelbrock is the Inglese EFI unit.

The interior is all leather and very comfortable for my old aching back. The tack reminds me of my youth only mine was on the dash.

A spacious cargo area provided plenty of room for daily or weekend trips.

Home at last. I need more room to work so Andre must go. See the  For Sale section.

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