Projects — Life of a Hot Rodder

Since most of us have been locked in for the past year and it seems for the foreseeable future, projects are a good way to spend your time. I won’t talk about household projects — just car projects. My wife and I have completed some home projects but now we are concentrating on car projects.

The most important and most difficult come first. A clutch replacement in Blue is my focus for 2021. I have decided to leave the trans and rear axle replacement for a later time. My RA is doing better with the infusion process but still requires my wife’s help for items required strength in your hands.

Many of you have purchased a new project that will require your attention this year. Hot Rodder’s are always on the hunt for a new project. Searching the internet for a project is the best way to locate your dream project. Convincing the wife is another story for another blog

Lets look at some projects I have in my files.

Stay Tooned!


Grand National Roadster Show Canceled


Resolution — Get Busy in 2021

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