Phaetons for the Roadster Show

I have been working on Pepe to make sure it makes it to Pomona in the heat that is encountered in all the stop and go traffic involved at the LARS. No matter what time I arrive, there is always a line and it moves like a snail — and Pepe overheats. I have tested the new radiator and it seems not to overheat but I am in the process of installing a pusher to help out in traffic. I choose the 16″ Spal model with 2500 cfm motor to assist the engine driven fan and shroud. I know all the negatives of the pusher versus pull fans but I have several friends with the pushers and they work wonderful.

My love of the Ford Phaetons was rekindled with the photos of Bob Ryan’s Deuce from MN. He sent in some more photos which I feature below. I have owned two of these beauties and I like them for the additional room (set back seat) and overall beauty of the four door Phaeton. They are not popular but I would love to own another one just to have something different from a roadster and room for the grandkids.

I am going to count the ones I see this year and I bet I don’t exceed 15 Phaetons. (32-34) They only built 2491 US Deuce Phaetons.


Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

I received some more photos of the very nice Phaeton for sale.

Basically a stock interior with wood grained dash, special steering wheel and stock column.

The interior fits the overall theme of the build perfectly in my mind.

The perfect engine for this Phaeton is this Dodge Red Ram.

 The undercarriage is super clean and traditional.

I like this look with the tonneau cover and luggage rack.

He just had to pull it out in the Montana snow to have a look. I wonder if he will bring it to Pomona!

Wescott bodies are the best and this one was turned into the one shown below. Lead time is about 7 months right now per Mary at Wescotts.

I’m not sure what the final price was but it was reasonable for a Tub.

Jim is shown driving his tub around the fairgrounds.

Dale has a new Phaeton going to add to his collection.

I show this one all the time but know nothing about it except I love the look and color.

They look good with fenders and stock top also. The luggage rack was a hot item in the 80’s! Repos are now available.

My old Phaeton built by Steve Lykken served Jane and I well for about a year. She did not like the wind in her face all the time.

My usual photo of this beautiful Wescott Phaeton from WI!

Scrith built this one in a series of articles in R&C and I was in love with the Phaeton . He still drives it in Hawaii.

If you’re into racing then this one should excite you.

Another look! Note the steering wheel placement.

I also like the model 40 Phaetons.

Early custom Phaetons looked good with the Carson style top and leaned back post.

This is my favorite and sold for big bucks just like you see it.

The bar was set real high with this Brizio build. I hope it’s at the LARS this year.

I know this Phaeton from Dennis is for sale and is one of the nicest bodies you will ever find, including the interior wood these cars feature.

Everything fits nice on this early Hot Rod — belongs in my garage.

I believe this one from Santa Barbara has been sold recently. It was a Fat Jack beauty from the 90’s.

My good friend Dave and his buddy will be at the LARS showing that Model 40 Phaetons are really nice Hot Rods.

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