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Pewsplace has a new look and some new features for 2016. Some new menu items have been added for you to browse along with a different Front Page look. Each photo may be enlarged by clicking on the photo for a better view or copying. I hope you like the changes and if you would like to see something else added let me know. I wish all of you a prosperous New Year and hope to see you at some of the events. Thank you for all the comments and photos over the past ten years.




The holidays are behind us and it’s time to look forward to the new year and great new ideas for our hobby. I am looking forward to the GNRS which is coming up at the end of the month and will feature the “Need for Speed” in Building 9. I always go to the featured Theme display first as it has always been special to me. While the LARS is on the top of my list, this show comes in second for my love of roadsters and traditional built Hot Rods. You will see lots of them in the buildings and displayed outside in the drive-in event. Rooms are hard to come by if you wait — so book early. This should be a good year for some new “Contenders!”

The new year also brings new events such as the Deuce Day in beautiful Lake Havasu, AZ — March 3-5, 2016 — which should be a worthwhile event for Deuce lovers. They are expecting lots of Deuces which will keep you busy for the day. The Northwest Deuce Day in scenic Victoria British Columbia, Canada — July 19, 2016 — promises to be another great show for Deuce lovers and enthusiasts from all over the US. There is normally a caravan from northern California that makes the road trip a memorable adventure to our neighbors to the North. Supporting these events will ensure that they continue and with the landscape changing in the Hot Rod world it is up to us to spread the word to all those who love the traditional built “Hot Rod!”

The new year is always time for resolutions and 2016 is no different so here are Pewsplace Plans.

  1. Provide Three blogs per week for those who love the traditional Hot Rod
  2. Provide Coverage of as many events as possible
  3. Provide Technical articles that will be helpful for the DIY builders
  4. Provide New Products information monthly
  5. Provide Artist and Authors review monthly

Thought for the year — Starting off with a plan in life provides a road to follow to achieve your goals. Deviations and distractions will always be present but if you follow your dreams they will eventually come true. Enjoy your life to the fullest, learn from mistakes but don’t punish yourself — always move forward.

Happy New Year!

Stay Tooned!





Here is an old Deuce built by Dwain Rodgers in TX many years ago. The car has been for sale for a period of time and will take a special person to buy it and restore the car to it original build style.


The rear is classic with 39 teardrops and the Halibrand QC peeking out from under the gas tank. I love it!


How about the tack on the steering column, the Auburn dash and the Russetta Timing Plaque for some true traditional items.


Danny from Bruce’s Rod Shop is also building a killer 5 window with all of his in house hand made parts.


The Model 40 offers lots of styling options such as the channelled version with laid back grille.


Gary Lorenzini now has his outstanding 3-window done in red oxide primer. Boyd would be painting it red again. Beautiful car!


I love the look of these heavily chopped three windows but I couldn’t fit in one.


The SO-CAL 5-window looks great in the cream and black scheme.



The “Laid Back Windshield” was big in 2015 and will continue with new builds in 2016.


Another Adams creation with the “Look” and color selection.


Mel has a new toy in his garage and it looks a lot like Joe’s old roadster.


There is that grille again. I am not sure about these grilles but I know of two more Model 40’s being built with the 37 Ford truck grilles.



Deuce sedans continue to be popular and several are under construction such as this above. Cornfield Customs in Ohio is completing the build for a customer. Josh Shaw is the artist.


Four doors were big in 2015 and will continue in 2016. Bodies are relatively inexpensive compared to two doors.


We will see Phantom Deuces being built like this beauty from Steve.


Scott Lorenzini had his sedan at the Horseless Carriage Show this past weekend. The is one of my favorites.



John is putting his woody up for sale as he doesn’t use it. Now is you chance to purchase a very nice woody wagon for the coming summer. See the For Sale section.

Chase's birthday #2 2010 027

We will be featuring some owner built woodies such as this beautiful 1937 Ford by my friend Gary.


Ryan and Jim are pushing for completion of this wonderful woody. Perfection  personified!



The Deuces outnumber the Model 40’s but Model 40’s still have many followers. Looks like a fender law might be imposed on these guys.


Look for Pepe at the LARS and GNRS in 2016. Stop, say hello — have a cold one!


The annual Horseless Carriage Show was a big success as usual. Not sure where it started this year but it is always well attended and was organized for years by Pete Eastwood.

In the garage


New products such as the Kinmont front brake kit from Hot Rod Brakes is sure to be a big hit with the Traditional crowd.



They offer them for the rear also which will give you the look you’re after.


The master of detail, Larry has outdid himself with his latest creation for his Vicky. Tons of hours to create this beautiful Deuce chassis.

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