Perplexing Problems

Life often challenges us with some problems that seem unsolvable. Yet, persistence normally solves them in most cases. Take for example the the stalling of the engine in Poppy. Several of us who know cars have tried to solve the mystery but to no avail. I finally started by replacing all the ignition components including a new distributor. That didn’t solve the problem. Next I replaced the fuel filters, electric fuel pump, cleaned the lines and checked for fuel passage by hooking the fuel pump to some clear lines and a gas can. So far everything checks ok but the engine still stalls after a fuel minutes. I guess the next item will be a new carburetor to replace the old quadrajet. I hope to have the roadster back on the road next week. I will recheck the grounds to make sure they are clean and tight.

We are starting our Back Road Boys adventures this week by heading up to the Rock Inn at Lake Hughes. I look forward to our group of enthusiasts and the year ahead with some new venues to visit. The fires have destroyed many of our normal runs. Driving our Hot Rods is what makes us stay active and enjoying life. Try it and you will like it. Make the effort!!

Our site should be fully operational now. Check out the pages.

Stay Tooned!



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Hiboy model 40’s are not popular but I always liked this classic from the Bay Area. Roy and Sid did their thing and made it perfect.


Like the Deuce the gas tank sort of hangs out from the bustle. Rear elliptical springs were common on model 40’s.

Great photo of this 33 roadster. I think this is Lance’s ride but not sure.


Orville’s 40 sedan is about as nice as I have seen lately!

This is what I don’t like about model 40’s. New wood is very expensive and the cowl wood is out of sight!

Probably one of the nicest built B-400’s in the country.

Old School has some neat features and an unusual top profile.


George’s nice 40 woodie in front of the Hotel Coronado in San Diego.

I may need to try some steel wheels on Pepe!

A nice Classic instrument cluster and automatic shift indicator.

Bob is building his Deuce in Lobeck style!

The QC peeking out from under the gas tank looks perfect to me.

I like the 5-window without fenders.

This example looks good also with the fenders. Love the wheels and chop!

I am a fan of the Duvall windshield on both the Deuce and Model 40.

I prefer the model 40 with the Duvall as it matches the body and grille slope.

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