Pepe For Sale

Time to let him go and make room for a Woody Wagon. My lifestyle has changed and Jane and I enjoy the Woody events more than other ones we attend. You may recall my first retirement project was a 1946 Ford wagon which has always been my first-choice since Don Thelan started the craze in the late ’80s. His maroon wagons were always present at the shows I attended and are still around today.

Pepe has quite a history in the Bay Area being a flower truck most of its life until being street rodded in the ’80s. Several of my friends have owned the car until I sold it to my neighbor about 10 years ago and bought it back in 2014. Terry spent a fortunate redoing the car adding a new interior, motor, transmission, and suspension. I too have added my touches and have driven the car about 5,000 miles in the time I have owned the car.

Walt and I went to CO and picked it up in below zero weather. We had a breakdown on Flagstaff due to our diesel truck gelling and spent a few days in a motel. I am very grateful to Walt for his assistance in making my dream come true. Jane and I have really had fun with the car but my love of the Woody Wagon has taken over my mind lately so it’s time to let Pepe go.

If you have an interest or a friend who does, please let me know. I would trade up, down or sideways for the right Woodie Wagon. I am well aware of the soft market on these cars and willing to listen to any deal you might have, especially if you have a Woodie Wagon

Let’s Make a Deal!


I have lots of photos and complete history if you are intested.
The smile is for my first retirement project. I had back surgery two months later which didn’t go well and I sold it to Bill Swanson.
Bill finished it for his son who still owns the beautiful wagon.
Bob had it in his garage for a spell and I really regretted selling the car. I have owned lots of cars and this is the one I should have kept and finished.
Stan has one of my favorite Wagons. Messano wood makes it special.
Squid has another favorite of mine with wood by Nickels.
The Thelan built woodie is the one that I fell in love with the 80’s but he wanted $85K and I had two kids in college. I still like this Woodie Wagon.
The last Ride will be the best!

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