Patina,Suede and Bare Hot Rods

I am impatient about most things including my recent surgery. I thought I would be better by now, but I tired to hurry of the healing process and I found out that doesn’t work with knee surgery. I am sitting here with my knee on ice and propped up per the doctor’s orders. While healing, I thought I would browse through some of my old photos for toady’s blog and came across several bare metal and patina/suede Hot Rods, hence the title for today’s blog.

Patina/suede is not as big as it was back a few years ago, but it is still around in our area. Bare metal Hot Rods are my favorite to see prior to the bondo and paint being applied. I have even seen bare metal cleared to protect the metal. Paying the price for painters or just material alone has increased the number of people who prefer to primer or leave as found. Not for everyone, but some — including me, I love the look of all of these Hot Rods mentioned above. Lets have a look at some from the past.

Stay Tooned!



click on the photo for a larger image


When you have body this nice it is a shame to paint it.


A nice 29 Tub in primer looks great to me.


Stripping the phaeton down and fitting in new wood shows the real body your are working with.


Some people just find them and put them back on the street.


Other people have Roy build them a bare metal from brand new parts.


If you can locate one like this, leave alone, save lots of money and enjoy the spectators you will attract.


I love this old Deuce roadster complete with old top.


Of course, Walden can build you a brand new bare metal Deuce.


We use to primer the car and throw in a quart of paint to add some color or gloss.


Gearhead Bill builds some tasty Hot Rods and shoots them with primer.


I’m Loving this one, authentic “Barn Find!”


If I fit in the 29 — I would build one. Looks like dark gray primer


High School Hot Rod and very cool with suede and red steelies.


Work in progress projects are nice to roll outside for a nice profile shoot.


Currently on eBay, requiring major work, and lots of $$$, this 34 phaeton would be a cool project. Even leaving it alone would cost $$ to make a driver.

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