Ridler & Havasu Deuces

Two big events for March took place this past week,. The Detroit Autorama and the Havasu Deuces show.Both were well attended and successful events. These two events continue to grow. Now that we are somewhat back to normal, people are making the effort to attend these events. Lets take a look at some photos I have acquired from the net.

Blue is at a standstill due to available shop time and parts availability.

Stay tooned


2022 Winner

1932 Model A with over 20,000 hours build time was the big winner in Detroit.

Tony won the Preservation Award for his Chrome Shop Special restoration .
Speed 33 beauty.

Havasu Deuces

Over 200 Deuces attended this show this year .A must attend for Deuce louvers.

Gary’s two Green Deuces at the show. Two beauties.
I really like this one.
Dave’s photogenic roadster.
Another Deuce Show worthy roadster from Mark.
This tub is driven.
Model 40 perception.
If you prefer fenders.
Nice sedan!
Another nice sedan!
A looker of a Deuce.
Flamed 34.
Green looks good on the Deuce.
Chad does some different colors for his Deuces.
SO-CALDeuces at GNRS
For Phaeton louvers.
A custom for you custom louvers.