Selling or trading your Hot Rod

We have all been there. It seems like you want too much money for your Hot Rod and trading is the only way out to curb your loss, In my experience. Sometimes you can sell up the trade and not take such a bath, but be careful of what you are trading for. Know your market and do your research. Today many sellers expect to recover their cost which is rare in today’s climate.

A Good friend of mine is negotiating his car with a customer as I write this blog. My advise is — you will have to negotiate the price up or down to make the deal. Your car must meet the customer’s expectations to receive top dollar, detail to the max and fix problems with paint, etc.

I try to up with the market but know when to take the deal as offered to me. It always helps to have someone to go with when buying or selling. Two sets of eyes are better than one.

Good luck with your deal

Stay tooned


I promise more blogs now that my health is under control.


Woodies stir bring good money in our area
46-48 convers asti a good car for the money.
moel 40 Pheatos are still demanding top dollar.
Famosos old hot rods bring in the bucks for some.
49-51 Merry will always bring the bucks.Woodies phaetons done right
Wlays seem to find new homes easily