June is Roadster Month

Each June, I start to get anxious about the LA Roadster Show and feature some nice roadsters during the month. I have always liked the roadster withe wind and sun following you down the highway. Jane loves the roadsters also and enjoys riding in the open air.We have put many a miles with no top, sometimes with rain following us home or to our destination.

We usually hide under the over pass unless it continues for a long period. The interior suffers but not too bad. lets look at some roadsters

Stay tooned!


Brooville has made it possible to build your dream hiboy.
Mark’s roadster is my favorite of the new roadsters being built.
The QC adds to the look.
Keep the leather covered in rain.
My old Phaeton.
Basic Black
I like the wanless windshield
My favorite is the model 40, preferably 1933
Another favorite is Ryan Reed built beauty for Rick Reed.
Often overlooked as a hiboy is the 34 roadster.
The Phaeton offers room for your buddies to cruise.
Killer dash and gauges
Driving is what its all about!