Mel Lawyer’s Midwest Roadster run is this weekend and lots of roadsters are headed to this prestigious event. Mel has produced this event previously and had great success. Roadster guys love to drive their cars to any event where the predominant cars are roadsters. Looks like some rain was present but looked promising for the weekend. Good luck to all who made the effort in their roadsters.

Roadsters are for everyone, but most people still like the feel of an open air Hot Rod. My wife and I still love to drive the coast in a roadster whenever we get a chance. We are happy with the Woodie but miss the open air roadsters with the sun shining down and the wind in your face. How about you?

Sorry for Pewsplace being down, but we just ran out of space on Word press. My son was able to fix it quickly so I thought I would write another blog about June roadster month. They are still my favorite Hot Rod. Phaetons are second in line for open cars but Jane prefers the compactness of the roadster. Both provide a similar experience for us but the roadster has a trunk to store stuff safely and Phaeton does not.

Tops are optional but seemed to be real popular lately as we age and our skin becomes more susceptible to serious damage. The Bop top folds up and stores in your trunk which makes it very popular fro many owners. Sid has sold many tops over the past few years and they have a nice side profile.

See you soon and thanks for asking about my health.

Stay Tooned,


Roadsters & Phaetons

For real excitement try a Cabriolet/ convertible.