More Deuces and Forties

I seem to be on the roll with the Deuces and Forties. I have received some very nice photos from the readers so I will feature some of those today. I had a very nice 40 coupe in high school with no hood. I purchased the car from my buddy who caught the hood on fire and warped it very badly. The car was my dream and all for only $250 bucks. Now you would have to pay $25,000 for that same car. The Deuces continue to be what everyone wants, but the 40 Ford is the vehicle you want to drive for any long distances. The stock suspension works just fine and the upgraded Heidts or TCI work even better. You should leave the outside of a 40 stock, stock, stock. I have never seen one that looks good that has been modified. This is, of course, only one man’s opinion. Ha!

Have a look!


Sandy’s 40 coupe at the V8 meet this year


JJ Barnhardt’s, Brizio built 39 convertible. You have to see this one.


Tom Otis’s Deuce at the Petersen


Dave’s Deuce built sometime ago, but still draws a crowd


Bob Bauder’s Deuce Panel, very nice and rare

Sneak Peek


Back East car in Brizio’s booth

Very nice style and craftsmanship