Toppers Tuesday

The weather in LA has been the best I can remember in a long time. I am moving very slowly with my new friend in my groin area so I have lots of time to dream. I can’t sit for extended periods of time that is required for posting, so here are some photos from the Roadster show.

I started building a top for my 33 roadster prior to my surgery, and yesterday a friend of mine came over and bent the tubing, so I will take some pictures and post them on Friday. This months Street Rodder Magazine has a great article on a top being built by Terry Hegman that is a duplicate of the Double Nickel car built by Thelan. I am using fabric, but he sure nailed the look for the Deuce. I think a top completes the look on a roadster.

Stay Tuned!



Bob Kolmos and Tom Walsh perfect pair of Deuces….built in the 80’s
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