Toppers Tuesday

I just came back from the regular Toppers Tuesday luncheon and the discussion centered around the Roadster Show this weekend and the number of 1932 Ford Hiboys that are built and being built today. I think we all agree that the Deuce Hiboy is a favorite car among the Hot Rodders and continues to amaze marketing people with its popularity. The demand has been so strong for so long with no let up in sight. This being the 75th Anniversary of the Deuce is helping to promote the “Old Girl”, but I think the Icon is attracting some people who actually like the looks of the Deuce rather than the bragging rights associated with owning a 1932 Ford.

I personally have always liked the Hiboy version of roadsters best of all, but not for bragging rights. I like the looks! Growing up in the Midwest in the 1950’s didn’t provide great opportunities to see many Deuce roadsters. They were rare and expensive, period. As I became older and with more disposable income at hand the Deuce roadster became a reality for me and many others. The availability of the fiberglass and steel bodies made it possible for the average person to build a Deuce. The cost of the steel versions available today are really excellent values and a good investment if you build the car yourself.

Let’s look at a friends real deal old Potvin Cam roadster. This is a very well done car built for a fellow who cannot drive a stick shift for physical reasons, so he had it built using an automatic transmission hooked to a flathead.


A nice pair, 1946 Ford Woody, 32 Ford Hiboy
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