Outrider’s Picnic

Each fall the Outrider’ produce one of the best Hot Rod shows in LA. The venue is a beautiful park with lots of grass for parking and is a ticket only event meaning no spectators. The club provides a BBQ Tri-Tip lunch and a band provides some great music. I have been attended for most of my time in LA and have never been disappointed with the event or the turnout of cars and notable people in the hobby. I think the club is one of the oldest in LA being founded in 1932. This will be the 38th year for the event.

Jane and I, along with several friends always enjoy the day even though it is a long drive and heavy traffic coming home on Sunday. I look forward to this event each year and thank Walt for the tickets each year. Should be another good year and Pepe is going back as he was broken last year when we drove Poppy.

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

Woodies are always in attendance like this Thelan built beauty.

LA Roadster member Frank will drive one of his fleet of Hot Rods.

Deuces are plentiful and are of high quality like this one.

Ed’s RPU will be there as he always is and the car shows very well and is always spotless.

The SO-CAL gang showed up with some real Hot Rods.

Long time attendee is this Deuce hiboy Sean with a Hemi!

Lots of 40 Fords are always present. Sedans are popular due to the age of the attendees.

Lot so history behind this chopped sedan. Perfect body and chop by Steve Davis;

I don’t think Phil will make it this year as he is on a 4000 mile trip in his roadster.

My dream pair — a woodie and roadster.

Chuck has built another winning Deuce.

His cars are always flawless and style perfect.

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