Outrider’s Picnic — Part 2

It was a restless night, as I was thinking about driving Poppy to the 36th Outrider’s Picnic. The weather looked to be promising with some possible early showers. Poppy does not have a top but I never thought we would see any rain. As the song goes — “It never rains in Southern California!” I was wrong, as it rained almost the whole trip. We survived, as did Poppy. We arrived early to secure a parking place near the main stage and luncheon area. The cars were already being staged and we spent some time cleaning the car and talking to friends. The event filled up rapidly with the largest attendance I have ever seen. I am guessing 500+ cars. You must have a ticket to gain entry so spectators are not roaming around looking at cars. With a few exceptions, the people all came in their cars or with friends who had a car. The day passed by quickly and soon we were waiting in line for the delicious lunch they always serve. Our group had some pop-ups set up and we enjoyed a nice lunch talking about our favorite subject — Hot Rods.

I enjoyed meeting both old and new friends and appreciate you stopping by the car to say hello. The day passed by too quickly and we soon were on the I-5 heading home with Dave and Gale following in their Deuce coupe. The sun was in full bloom by the time we reached LA and we shed our coats for a little welcome sunshine. I would like to thank the Outrider’s for hosting the last big event of the year and congratulate them for their continued sponsorship of the picnic. We look forward to number 37.

Stay Tooned!



click on photo for a larger image

It’s dark at 5:00 AM so those big headlights really light up the road.

Two hours later we were parked at Oak Canyon Park on the fresh mowed grass.

Dave and Gayle followed us to the show and had a great time. The primered 3-window he has owned since 1971.

Jeff was just pulling in right behind us in his Moal built 29 track roadster.

Here is a profile of this beautiful roadster. If you have interest, let me know, as it is for sale.

Ken Thurm always has some unique Deuces on display. His sedan was one of them.

This 34 sedan has been around for awhile and always requires a second look by Jane and I. Our first sedan was a 1934 Ford.

There was an abundance of Deuce 3-windows at the show. I would guess around 20 in total.

I did notice that Ed came back and looked at this 33 more than once. Maybe your next ride!

There were several Mercury’s on display both chopped and stock.

This little 40 coupe was just perfect and squeaky clean everywhere you looked.


SO-CAL Speed Shop was in attendance along with Scott’s very nice sedan.

The Reed contingency was also in attendance showing off some of Ryan’s talents. Three top notch cars that go down the highway in style and speed.

A couple more that received the Ryan touch. I love Deuce sedans.

Top shelf Deuce roadster with Ardun heads and lots of trick items.

Everything in place and detail was evident in the interior.

The Duvall with dual cowl vents requires lots of metal work to accomplish.

Two beauties that should occupy every garage in a Hot Rodder’s world. The roadster is a SO-CAL creation that I saw at the 85th Deuce show.

I love this sedan delivery for its straightness with black paint.

This super low and straight 33 sedan delivery has been around for a long time. He pulls a big trailer.

Everyone had to look at this in-process Deuce sedan. There are lots of unique items on this one.

This little Deuce coupe was built by Larry who is no know longer with us but his talent as a builder and lover of Deuces.

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