Outlook for 2014 is Very Positive

It’s New Year’s Eve and I am at my keyboard dreaming about the New Year and how lucky I am to be able to start another year of writing about my passion for Hot Rods. I enjoyed my time off with the family and friends and hope all of you did the same. I finally went out in the garage yesterday as Bob-O gave me a Deuce front crossmember to work over and make it like new. I retired from working on cars, but somehow this year I am going to help my friends build their cars. I figure this will keep me busy and help my welding and fabrication skills from becoming rusty. I plan to keep doing some technical blogs along with my usual photos of cars I like as well as reader’s cars. My taste in hot rods hasn’t changed much over the years but I am leaning more toward cars of my youth than today’s trends. I am not sure whether this is a sign of old age or just reading the H.A.M.B. too much. I am amazed at the talent that post their work on the site. I wish I possessed the same talent as some of the young and old members. I plan on building some of the early style components in Q1 and will bring you the results on my blog. I also have been hired by Mr. Bill to help with his chassis build. I am looking forward to another great year in 2014.

The big event in January is the GNRS and the excitement that surrounds the event. People from all over the country head to sunny SO-CAL for a view at some beautiful built contenders and some great cars besides roadsters. I plan to bring you some sneak peeks over the next few weeks if I can obtain some photos. Many of these cars are guarded until the last minute but I have my spies to help me out. I truly hope the traditional roadster trend continues in the winner’s circle but I like all kinds at a car show. I have one for you today that Terry from Stokers is building for a customer. Plain, simple and highly detailed is the theme and it is a true piece of work in my eyes. You may remember he finished Lucy and made me a happy camper by keeping my original theme for the roadster. He has a good eye for traditional cars and years of experience. Good Luck Terry!

In conclusion, let’s all think outside of the box this year as it promises to be one of the best in recent times. The improved economy should help our hobby as well as our pocketbooks. We all need to support the vendors and manufacturer’s who keep this hobby going so we can continue to enjoy our hobby.

Have a wonderful 2014 and …

Stay Tooned!


The rolling chassis for the Sedan Delivery is ready to go. This is a great feeling after several years of building

George was busy over the holidays and has the body married to his beautiful chassis. This one will be a show stopper for sure. Black fenders will blend nicely with the Washington Blue exterior. General Jumbo wheels sets the theme for the General Tire service truck theme.

Terry has been thrashing on this early style roadster. I love the color. I will make a trip to see it first hand in the next few days.

The builders stand back and take a good look at what needs to be done prior to the show.

Chrome is abundant on this car including the undercarriage. SBC to stock driveline was real popular in my youth as was the chrome everything that we could afford.

Gerald has his 36 roadster back in his stable after being gone for 14 years. You made a good choice to bring her back home.

He loves flatheads and who wouldn’t love this one. The overflow tank looks serious but this is a flathead and probably requires the capacity.

Roy is pushing to have John’s 33 4-door Victoria ready for the show. Remember Eric’s 32 4-door Victoria?

I hope Scott’s 3 window makes it to the show. This one has all the traditional items that make it a little different from most.

I think Roy has installed more of these than anyone. I love the sound of a well tuned Ardun equipped flat motor.

2014 is the year of the 4-door Deuce sedan. She is a Classy Lady for sure.

You panel guys will love this one. Lots of room for those swap meet treasures at the LARS this year.

I will be following Dave’s roadster being built by Tom in Danville, CA. Lots of H.P. requires a strong chassis.

Future Blogs!

I plan to work with Bones to make a cool set of “Bones” like these. These are totally reinforced and will handle a lot of torque.

Update on this super nice tudor going together at Roy’s as well as Dave’s sedan. Yes, I still love the Deuce sedan.

Industrial Chassis builds some nice chassis and components. I plan to use them on the 34 chassis I am helping build for Mr. Bill. The front motor mount is a well though out component. The stock fuel pump will fit. We are still looking for a nice stock chassis.

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