Open Houses during the GNRS

Be sure to check out your favorite hot rod shop to see if they are having an Open House. You can visit them before during or after the Show. They always have some projects to view. I always enjoy seeing what other people are building. You may get some ideas for your build. If you are planning on using one of these pro – builders you can talk to them direct at the show.

Several shops will have completed chassis for you to inspect and ask questions. Most booths have very knowledgeable people to answer any questions you may have. I don’t know the number of AMBR’s in contenion but there are usually ten or more.

Enjoy the show and !

Stay tooned!


Project are in most displays.
I hope Billy puts iis beauty in the show.
Some perfect restorations are nice to see
Some famost older builds are nice to see in the show.
A sure Wnner.
Lines are long so get there early.
I’m attracted o bare metal card.
nice chassis work
I’m in the Phaeton mode so I hope some new ones are shown.
Here I am viewing a nice traditional roadster