“On the Road Again”

The morning air was brisk as we headed out for the meeting location, but the sun was already burning through the clouds and another “Back Road Boys” adventure was about to begin. We were scheduled to take a new route but part way through the winding mountains we were turned back and had to “Find New Roads”. Our leader did a marvelous job of guiding us through roads untravelled and sights never seen before. Our trip lasted a couple of hours and we were soon being seated at our favorite restaurant, The Summerland Beach Cafe, overlooking the beautiful Pacific ocean. The sun was in full bloom and were viewing some of the most picturesque landscape in Santa Barbara. We had front porch seating, superb service and great food. The camaraderie that our group has are what makes these trips so special. We enjoyed our lunch with a little bench racing and decided to head out to the Santa Barbara Pier for some delicious ice cream and a waffle cone. Our trips do not include any diet plates.

Standing on the pier and looking back at the senic hillsides of Santa Barbara makes you want to have a home in this beautiful city. I always feel very happy in this place and the drive up the coast highway, viewing the surfers riding the white caps, sets the tone for a perfect day. Today was no exception. We wondered around on the Pier looking at the various shops and the Cruise ships anchored in the distance. We all hated to leave but traffic soon becomes heavy in LA and old Fords don’t like to sit and idle for very long. Jane and I headed out by ourselves enjoying the view from a different perspective than our morning journey. Pepe ran flawlessly and behaved himself the entire trip. Some days are just about perfect and life’s journey continues to prove that old saying, ” Don’t choose the beaten path for your journey, instead, pave a new path leaving markers for the future adventurers.” We did that today so you may follow our path tomorrow.

Thought for the day — Time is a thief and tomorrow may never come so enjoy the day rather than wait another day.

Stay Tooned!



Here are the early arrivals heading out for a cup of Joe prior to hitting the road.


Driving through the mountains with a string of Hot Rods is what makes this hobby worth while. I have no interest in garage queens.


We had to enter the coast highway for a short distance just prior to the scenic costal road and the views were breathtaking.


We had reservations on the front porch which are highly recommended as the place is always crowded for lunch.


We enjoyed the outdoor setting as well some very tasty “Passion Tea”. Walt was hiding from the sun under his hoody.


The ice cream was very tasty at our favorite spot on the Santa Barbara Pier. Always low cal!!!!


We loved seeing the cruise ship in the background. Life is good “On the Road!”


A photo from the Pier of the scenic SB hills overlooking the Pacific is a thing of beauty.


I would like to thank our leader, Dick, who did a wonderful job. He is also a GM man so I knew the leadership would be in good hands.


From GG’s in Nashville comes this super black hiboy sedan with ww’s and Radair wheels.

Today’s Photo!


SO-CAL knows Deuces and for a change — ones with fenders. I think this may be a new preferred style this year.

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