As we enter into October, the last quarter of 2017, we have a lot to look forward to in our hobby. Cars are being prepped for the GNRS, Detroit Autorama and many other shows. Warmer climates still have weekly events to keep them busy and the colder climates have the rest of year to start their rebuild or a whole new Hot Rod. I have plans to change some items on Poppy and Pepe this winter while attending our final Back Road Adventures. While many people become exhausted and stay home more as they age, my wife and I look forward to keeping ourselves busy in both our minds and physical work. There are limits, of course, but we know them and most of the time no when to relax and smell the roses.

When working, the last quarter was the time to put all effort toward reaching the goals set at the beginning of the year. I worked in sales, so meeting targets always meant good bonuses. The same goes for setting some goals for doing the things you need to get done to your Hot Rod or places you would like to see before year end. Jot them down and see what you want to accomplish in the last quarter. Many of us are playing the back nine in our life so there is no time to procrastinate. As the famous Nike slogan goes, “Go For It!” My long time fraternity brother Chip is accomplishing goals of restoring his tribute 62 Chevy 409 convertible and we had the christening by starting the beast for the first time this week. He is a master of detail when it comes to restoring cars. Congrats Chip and Jeni!


Stay Tooned!



“You are never to old to have fun. You are only to old when you quit having fun!”

Happy October!!

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Les takes lots of photos of cars I love. This Deuce Woodie is the best one I have seen in a long time.

A beautiful detailed SBC, FI unit stand out against the engine turned firewall.

The B-400 was also captured by Les and it was for sale.

The 34 with the Duvall is very nice. I’m drooling over this one.

BRG has always been one of my favorite colors on early Hot Rods. Wire wheels are back!

A nice photo of the almighty Deuce roadster in black.

My fraternity is restoring a super nice 62 Chevrolet Impala 409.

Yes, you need the good stuff for the 409! That is a 37 Phaeton under the cover. This will be his next project.

We were all invited for the christening and to help with initial problems. Chip in the middle is the owner.

The 409/409 was the horse for Chevrolet in 1962.

Mr. Forty, Tim Bedford has tried his hand at Woodies and has applied his skills to making Bedford Woodies.


The interior is complete with all of Tim’s added specialties.

Tim is convincing the owner to replace the 5-spokes with steel wheels.

Don’s final Coffee & Kix will be this Saturday. The sedan was built by the Deuce Ranch!

Franks has several cars and took this photo at our local Elks club.

For me, this is the perfect roadster, the stance, the paint, the Apple Green wheels and profile just say “YES!”

Chucky Lombardo built this one in his spare time while working in his father’s CSR shop. Front coil-overs were popular in the 80’s.

Famous upholster, Paul Atkins, and his 47 ragtop checking into the Sheraton Fairplex.

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