October Arrives

We are in the last quarter of an unparalleled year in my lifetime. We have adjusted to wearing masks, washing our hands often, and keeping our distance when socializing. Many of our favorite events have been canceled and our hobby has been put on hold for 2020.

As we emerge from the lockdown, it is important to remain cautious and enjoy our cars in our own way. Small groups of ten or less seem to be popular in our area. Our Back Road Boys remain dormant for the time being but will venture out during the last quarter.

The final quarter will probably be more of the same as we struggle to find a vaccine that will protect us from the serious Covid -19 pandemic. I hope all of you are staying safe and wish you continued good health.

Stay Tooned!


Hot Rods

I have always thought this was the perfect 33 Phaeton built by Brizio.
Tim has purchased a Phaeton from Rodger to build his dream open car.

I like all black on the Phaetons.
The patina looks good and the stance is everything on Cam’s gem.
I love this shot at Pebble Beach and the Barris Mercury.
He added the Wanless windshield and I love the look.
I have a thing for the shoebox ragtops.
Still the look a lot of people love is the Patina roadsters.
Dales latest creation is just perfect.
Salt City is building another great 34 Phaeton.
I do love early Corvettes and this 61 is looking great.
A great Fall photo of this RPU.
I have owned three of these and still find them desirable drivers.
The 46-8 ragtop is another favorite of mine.
One of the top Deuce Woodies is on the market.
Rick has one of the trend setters with his Reed built roadster.
Chopped Merc’s are still a favorite of mine.
Mike just took delivery of this special model 40 hobo roadster
My first Nomad that I drove to work as a Foreman at GMC Truck 1969.
If you must have a red tub, then this is your sample.

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