This week the Hot Rods are traveling to the big 49th NSRA Nationals in Louisville, KY. FB is full of the adventures of these Hot Rods and their many stops along the way which reminds me of my early days with NSRA when I lived in MI and worked for General Motors. I attended the first event (1970) in Peoria,IL which is where I was born. I became interested in the organization and became the state representative for a few years. I worked with them to produce the Nationals in Detroit and while the attendance was O.K., the location of the fairgrounds and roads were terrible. The Motor City was no longer a candidate for another National event. The organization continued to grow and expand events all over the country. I don’t recall the date that Louisville was deemed to be the permanent home of the Nationals but it has been there a long time.

The venue lends itself to handling the enormous size of the event. The surrounding hotels and restaurants make it and easy choice for the attendees to find food and lodging. NSRA has done a fantastic job of providing the leadership required to pull off this event with year after year success. Granted the change from pre-48 automobiles to later models caused some consternation but that was a wise business decision. Keep in mind this is a business that started as just a get together of a few Hot Rodder’s who loved cars and Petersen Publishing Company. And turned into a multi-million dollar enterprise. My hat is off to NSRA for keeping it going and will celebrate 50 years in 2019. I hope you plan on attending the epic event.

“Street is Neat”



Stay Tooned!


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My friend Gordon just purchased a real nice stock Phaeton and plans to make it mild Hot Rod. With any luck he will drive it back to 50th.

I haven’t seen the real top but it sure looks sinister in this tape version. He will probably stay in CA and make the Bakersfield event.

I would love to see these two make it Louisville.

The Petersen Museum is now a more modern version of what used to be a Hot Rod museum.

I know Dave will be driving his sedan to Louisville. The question will be which one!

I think this one has surfaced again and is back on the road after JJ sold it.

Maybe I can convince George to drive his delivery back to Louisville.

It would be nice if we could find Mandy’s Mercury and have it in Louisville.

My hope is that NSRA will have a special section for Hot Rods that were at the first events.Pre-48!

Bruce has this one that was at an NSRA event in my early days.

This bad boy exemplifies the term “Hot Rod!”

The 70’s were for installing Jaguar rear ends in your Hot Rod. This is my 34 sedan circa 1973.

We’re older now and this larger Hot Rods make driving much easier on our old bodies.

This one will be there as is a clone of the one I saw in Memphis.

Jeff may be motivated to drive his 46 Woodie to the event.

Maybe a little low for the roads today but I think it’s air ride and can be raised to travel.

A Mercury custom was the dream of ever high school teenager in my day.

I know it’s a long way from Tahoe but you can do it.

Time to hit the road for Louisville.

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