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We had a discussion today about the number of Deuce roadsters that will be at the LARS on the 17th. I guessed there would be at least 500 Deuces and the remaining mix of a variety of recognized roadsters through 1936/7. I am always impressed with the Deuces but after a few hundred I kind of like to see some other models. As you know, I am a model-40 fan so I look for them after my Deuce fix. The spread out location makes it hard for this old body to see all 800 plus roadsters, but I’ll sure give it a try. Wear good walking shoes and drink plenty of water. Take a break every hour and rest in the shade and you will be just find.

Today we are going to look at some pre-32 roadsters and my favorite — the model – 40 roadster. If you are strictly a Deuce guy or gal then you might take a break a see what the other side is building. You might like what you see. You can have more than one roadster in your garage and I won’t tell anyone. For those of you heading to LA, send me some photos or post on FB. Have a safe trip.

Stay Tooned!


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1927 – 1929


Sometimes I really get excited when a new creation shows up like this Greening built Shadow Rods T.


Moal can build some really unique non-Deuces like his son’s Track-roadster.


Moal can also build some super 29’s like Gary’s beautiful Track-nose beauty.


Just plain and simple but a very classy 29 roadster.


Moal also built  Jeff a nice 29 Track-nosed roadster with perfect colors and paint scheme.


Jim is redoing Pete’s old roadster with some of his own ideas.


I don’t know if it will be here this year but I hope so. Barillaro Speed Emporium is his company.


Have some fun in this 29 with a Deuce shell and Hallock windshield.


I love this simple but black beauty from a couple of years ago.


Getting ready for a ride out to Pomona for the LARS.


Don has restored this famous Dick Flint roadster to a much higher level and set the bar for 29 roadsters.

1933-34 Fords

photo 1

There will always be a contingency of early style roadsters in the Preferred Parking area or swap meet.


I used to see the Portland based hiboy in Pomona but haven’t seen it in few years.


Jim has the real deal and a Rodder’s Journal feature car. Nice man who loves his cars.


I watched Roy build John’s 34 roadster and I never looked back. A 33/4 roadster was for me.


John has driven this one many miles and I think it is his favorite driver…mine too!

wcnats2010 028

This creation comes from “The Roadster Shop” and is a work of art. Based on a Speed 33 body that is highly modified.


Keith built this real deal and I like it but have never seen it in person. Maybe this year it will show up.


I like the Duvall windshield on the 33/4 roadster and have one in stock. Thanks Bill for your generosity.


A SAR body makes a nice hiboy with lots of room.

02 2014-08-01-3050

Here is my friend from Germany who likes whitewalls sometimes.


Richard has owned this one for many years and I love it. He is very knowledgeable about old Fords.


If you need fenders then this one might be to your liking.

10 Speed33 offen

Also from Germany is this Speed 33 with fenders with a great stance and profile.


Some of you may prefer the stock looking 34 like this one done in Cordoba Tan.


A simple but very sinister looking is this full-fendered 34.

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