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Starting in 2018 I have ventured out to make some new friends who like cars in general, not only Hot Rods. One of my loves has always been the Corvette from 1953 up to the present model. My favorite is the solid axle cars from 1953-1962 but I like all of them. When I started with GM I had just graduated from college and purchased a new 1965 327/350 h.p. to move to MI from IL. Being an employee, I could purchase a new Corvette each year for a dealer invoice price. The war and a new family forced me into larger cars, but I did get back into them in the 90’s. Through FB I have made some new friends with lots of knowledge about Corvettes so I thought I would add some Corvettes, and Tri-five Chevrolets from time to time. I will add only when I see some interesting ones or people who love them. Today, I will feature Laura who drives a split window as does her husband. As you know, the split window is a highly desirable collector item, especially the coupe. Welcome to Pewsplace Laura. We welcome your photos of your cars and you!

I also selected some Woodies for you to let you know the season will start next month with Woodies in the Valley. I can’t make it due to our daughter coming home but it is a good event. You should also start thinking about the LA Roadster show and remember you need to send in your registration to have your entry confirmed. More on this later as the show is only Friday and Saturday this year. We need to support this show to keep it at the Fairgrounds. Laura also is a car show person.

Have a great weekend and enjoy life driving your favorite Hot Rod, Corvette or others along with your favorite girl by your side.

Stay Tooned!







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A beautiful lady (Laura) and a beautiful Stingray in a perfect setting near the water. The photo was furnished by Laura and she is a car enthusiast. I love to see pretty ladies involved in our hobby.

My first Corvette was a 1959 that I drove through College. Lots of great memories for me!

My graduation present and wedding car was a new 1965 Corvette . We moved everything to Detroit in this small trunk.

A very valuable Gulf Oil race car that sold for big bucks. My friend Chip had a hand in this one.

My senior year I traded for my favorite solid axle Corvette a 1962 model. I had real American magnesium wheels unpolished on mine.

Early days where Corvettes were on even corner.

My friend Chip and expert on solid axles Corvettes has owned this 37 Phaeton since he was 16. He plans a SBC conversion real soon. He is finishing up his dream 62 – 409 convertible.

This was first firing up of the bad boy 409. Perfect except for a fuel filer leak.

My friend has acquired a 32 Woody from Walt and I hope he gets better soon to finish it.

Dennis has owned his roadster for many years and won AMBR a few years back. He drives this one everywhere, even across country.

A perfect pair of Deuces from the St. Louis area. Nice photo!

Dan’s B-400 is a perfect example of the rare edition of Henry’s Deuce. Mild Hot Rod and perfect.

My Motto for life!

Wavecrest with George’s 40 in line with three other 40’s. Beautiful background over looking the Pacific with clouds still sleeping.

Laura likes Pink but I think she would like this pastel colored 40 Woodie.

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