New Beginnings

Parting with a long-time Hot Rod is not easy to adjust to the emptiness that one feels in the garage when you open the door. I know I will soon find a Woodie of my dreams to fill the garage space. Jim, who purchased the car, is a good friend so I know I will see the delivery often and he takes excellent care of his cars. Selfishly, I wanted him to have Pepe as he has a super Wagon going together and his father has a couple of Forties.

I need to have some paint work done on the same back door I have had done twice, which should keep me busy for a couple of weeks. Dealing with painters is not one of my loves, but I will manage to have it done right. Bob is letting me use his rack to check and clean the undercarriage. I always try to fix anything on the cars I sell for the new owner. Especially, a friend!

Jane and I will miss our adventures in Pepe but look forward to driving the coast in our new Woodie Wagon along with our friends. As I have stated for many years, Woodie events and people are the best.

I would also like to thank Bill and Scott Swanson for letting me have chance to maybe buy my 1946 back. That would be a dream come true for Jane and I. If that doesn’t work out, I have all winter to locate a nice Woody Wagon for our Back Road Boys trips.

If you have a Woodie for sale or know of one, please let me know.

Stay Tooned!


A Forty is highly desirable but hard to find and oreexpensive.

My old 46 getting some attention under the hood with the SBC.
The final clean up and good bye’s.
If I have to build one this is what I would do.

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